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Pre-1925 Marriage Sources
Updated 21 January 2018

County Records
SHSND** Other County Sources
Adams No Dates List
Barnes 1880 List
Billings 1890 List
Bottineau Micro
Bowman Micro
Burke 1910 List
Burleigh Micro
Cass 1870 List NDSU Archives
City of Hunter - 1946-1947
Dickey Micro County NDGenWeb Site - 1905-2006
Divide 1910 List
Dunn 1908 List County Archives
Eddy Micro
Emmons 1887 List
Golden Valley
Grand Forks 1875 List UND Chester Fritz Library - 1875-1925
Griggs Micro
Hettinger No Dates List
Kidder 1883 List
LaMoure 1883 List
Logan 1890 List
McHenry 1902 List County Archives
McIntosh Micro
McKenzie Micro
McLean 1889 List
Morton 1908 List
Mountrail Micro
Pembina 1888 List County Archives
Ramsey County Archives - 1912
Ransom 1882 List
Renville 1910 List
Richland 1878 List County NDGenWeb Site - 1877-1925
Sargent 1884 List
Sioux Micro
Stark County Archives - 1884-1912
(Seven Files)
Steele 1887 List
Stutsman 1887 List County Archives - 1884-1925

Towner 1890 County Archives - 1888-1949

Traill 1872 County Archives - 1872-1899
County Recorder
Walsh 1890 List
Ward 1887 List County Archives
Williams List

** = The archives of the State Historical Society of North Dakota (SHSND) has pre-1925 marriage records on microfilm. Some counties are transcribed to online lists. Their goal is completing all counties within a few years. Click on the word "List" to get what they have transcribed. "Micro" indicates transcribing is not complete.
Contact the SHSND Archives to see if the county microfilm can be manually searched.

Contacts information:
Online Contacts Form
Telephone: (701) 328-2666
Fax: (701) 328-3710

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If you have any updates to the above data, please contact Mike Peterson.

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