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The Leah Carmichael Family

Mrs. Leah Carmichael :1840-March 4, 1911. Her maiden name was Gibson, a niece of John Parker, her mother having been his sister. Married in 1857 and came to the country from Kansas in 1886. Before 1898 her land was claimed by the railroad. Attorney Armstrong took her case for a mortgage on a cow, and did nothing. October 21, 1898 ECR reported that she lost both the land and the cow, but contested and in August 1900 won over the NP RR for possession of the claim on which she had lived many years on N of NE, SW of NE, and NE of NW of Section 21-132-76. In 1900 she carried the Linton-Hampton mail. She sold her land in April 1902, and built north of the Rowerdink house in new Linton. She then brought her frame house to town and attached it to the new one in March 1903. Her known children are listed below:-
1. Joseph M: December 14,1878-December 11, 1890. Was a hunchback. Buried on the Raynolds plot 2 ½ miles east of Linton on a hill, on the south side of Highway 13.
2. Elva “Nellie”: 1869-May 20, 1886, drowned in Beaver Creek. Married April 4, 1886 Abraham Lincoln Raynolds and buried on the same plot as her brother Joe.
3. Alice J: 14 August 1875-17 November 1901. married June 24, 1894 A.E. Lucas of Bismarck. In Oct 1899 she took the teachers exam.
a. Roy, born ca Nov 1, 1895
4. Jacob E: did not live here but in Kansas
5. Nettie M: Married Mr. Hume. Of Washington never lived here.
6. William H. 1872-August 29, 1939. On October 17, 1890 he shot John Backhaus and was captured at Washburn. In November 1892 his mother took out a petition for his release from the pen and he was parolled by Gov. Burke in January 1893. About April 1, 1893 his kneecap was injured from a blow from a woodchopper's ax and his leg was amputated in May 1893. He married May 19, 1897 Madeline “Madge” Logue of Omio(she died about July 1942). In 1897 he was a traveling merchant in Emmons County. In February 1902 he received notice that he had received the mail bid between Hampton and Linton. In April 1903 he built at the north end of Broadway with logs from his old house. He bought the Wally Kyes livery stable in August 1905 and still had the stage line, and in July 1906 got the mail contract of Linton-Hampton and Linton-Braddock. He put an 850 candle power gasoline lamp in front of the livery stable in December 1906. bought the Patterson 22 HP Buick in Dec. 1907. bought the former Arlington Hotel for a restaurant in March 1908. Bought the NW ¼ 34-133-76 in January 1909. Relinquished his Standard Oil business to Wm. Pagel in Dec 1909. in Feb 1910 he went to SD to run a livery barn. Sold lots 3,4 & 24 of Block 5 to John Sauter in March 1910 and Helge Haugse. In Dec 1910 John Sauter lived in the old Arlington House. In Jan 1912 he sold lots 2,3,4 Hunter's Second to John McCrory. Returned here to live in April 1913 and bought the Haggard livery barn in Dec of that year. He sold the livery barn on lots 1 to 5, Block 5, to John Sauter in Nov 1914. Dec 7, 1914 he moved to Marion Morford's ranch of Hartford (SE 2-134-78) and (NW 20-134-78) in March 1915. Fined for hitting Fred Kelsch in August 1915, he moved to Bismarck in 1918, then moved back. He moved to California in 1938. His children listed below from a to 1.
a. Clayton :1898-January 24, 1932. Lost little finger of right hand in Oct 1909. Served in WWI where he lost the left leg (Oct 1918). Married about 1924 in Minn. Died of war injuries. His children:
(1) Buddy : 1923-
(2) Robert: 1925-
b. William: Nov 16, 1903-Feb 1922 killed by a train in Bismarck.
c. Louis: ca 1906-1917 of scarlet feaver
d. Jack: died 1918 of diphtheria
e. Wilbur: of Ca
f. Patrick : of Ca
g. Mrs. Ella Bossert: of Ca
h. Mrs. Mary Caput of Mn in 1932. Was Mary Fox of Ca in 1978.
i. Leah: Dec 9, 1909-June 27, 1978. Married Sept. 11, 1929 Wilbur B. Miles of Bismarck. Married June 10, 1935 Paul McCormick (Nov 8, 1900-April 11, 1986). He is buried in Menoken where they lived. When she died she left 1 brother, Patrick.
j. Margie: June 8, 1908-March 12, 1941. Married November 1, 1924 Ted P. Sheldon, of Bismarck
(1) Theodore: 1928-
(2) William: 1932-
(3) David Michael: March 11, 1941-
(4) Doniene: married Russell Hughes, of Bismarck
. k. Hallie: married J. W. Chochran, of Bismarck.
l. Charles 1923-August 11, 1934 drowned in river youngest child.

The birth dates of the children of William Carmichael Sr. are given below:
Daughter January 19, 1899
Daughter October 24, 1900-
Daughter March 16, 1902-
Son July 23, 1905-
Twins (boy & girl): December 7, 1914-
Son November 24, 1916-
From the files of Ronald Kremer. Contributed by his daughter Cynthia Maier.

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