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Requirements for County Coordinators

So, you wonder, what do I have to do as a county coordinator (CC) in the NDGenWeb Project?
Glad you asked!

First of all, as part of the USGenWeb Project, we must adhere to the USGenWeb Project County Guidelines.
They are fairly self-explanatory, but some are reiterated below:

  • All North Dakota county coordinators must belong to the NDGenWeb email list -- this is automatically done by the SC. If you change your email address or find you've been bounced off the list, contact the SC right away so that things can be kept up-to-date.

  • A query system must be in place. It's your choice what type you choose -- a manual system, where submissions are emailed to the county coordinator and added manually to the query page, an automated submission system, or a message board.

  • A USGenWeb Logo must be displayed on the main page of the site as well as a NDGenWeb Logo. A link to our About the NDGenWeb Project page is necessary and a link to the NDGenWeb Project state site is recommended.

  • A list of local resources, such as county clerk, newspapers, etc. should be a part of each site as well as a link to your county's ND Archives page. A link to the State Resource page can be used, or you may create your own state/general resource page for your site in addition to listing your listing of local research help.

In addition to national guidelines, North Dakota has these requirements and recommendations:

  • County pages must be kept updated. This includes adding submissions in a timely manner and checking for broken and outdated links on a regular basis. Only makes sense, huh? How much good does an out-of-date site do researchers? Okay, next:

  • The county coordinator's name and current email address must be displayed on the website in a manner in which it is easy to find. Also, county coordinators should reply to emails -- whether to a researcher, another CC, or the SC, in a timely manner.

  • A search engine is recommended. Makes it easy for researchers to find that surname or township they need for that brick wall they're banging their head against.
    Several free ones are available:

    • FreeFind
    • PicoSearch
    • Atomz Express Search
      (although they call their Atomz free search engine a 'trial' engine, there's no trial time period, you can use it as long you wish if you have under 500 pages on your website)

If you can agree to these requirements and have a soft heart for a poor, orphaned county, please email the NDGenWeb Project State Coordinator.
Let her know your full name, where you live, and your interest in the county. Also, any skills you have with HTML and FTP, and why you feel you'd be a good host for the adoptable site.
We'd be glad to have you join us!

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