Five Maryland Cemeteries
Town of Maryland, Otsego County, NY

Contributed by Rebecca Stacknow and Kathryn Anne Miller,

Some of my family surnames have been in Otsego Co. for the last 200 years. So Iím taking my notes very seriously, with great care in recording what I see. If there is an error it is equally as disappointing for me as it is for you. Please inform me.

The Memorial for the Soldiers of Maryland and itís photograph are being contributed by Brittany Kostiha,

We both live in York, York Co. Pennsylvania.

All 4 of these cemeteries are in the Town of Maryland which also includes it's village, Schenevus. From what I understand in talking to those of the Schenevus Historic Society, it will no longer be a village but, instead a Hamlet. When this actual change will take place is beyond me. I certainly hope that itís name is never dissolved!

The cemetery I've labeled as being "Potato Creek Dip" is what it would be known as by many of today's locals. I have been informed by some researchers that it is usually called "The Spencer Cemetery". (* Note from Town Historian, Dorothy Parmerter: Burnside Dip is known as Spencer Cemetery) I couldn't tell you since I was told that our Burnsides first owned that farm. To play it safe, Iím calling it the Spencer Cemetery since they probably held the homestead the longest. On the other hand, If I were you, and I were looking for it, Iíd call it "Potato Creek Dip" because youíll have an easier time finding it, if you ask the local residents by using itís location. My mistake was in asking for the location of the Burnside Dip. Only those in their 70s & 80s knew what I was talking about.

The cemetery across from the church at the crossroads for "Cooperstown Junction" which Iím told is not actually in Cooperstown Junction (?), is known as the Burnside Cemetery by some researchers. Again,.. I couldn't tell you even though I was there. I would rather express location then ownership since no one can really own the dead. Although it would appear that well over half the families buried there, are Burnsides &/or related through marriage. This cemetery is directly across from a church right down from what looks like the remains of the foundation for an overhead bridge that might have been used for trains. Regardless, if you ask for the crossroads at Cooperstown Junction youíll find it.

The Rose Family Cemetery eventually became the Rose-Chamberlain Cemetery. It is the oldest in the town of Maryland (with the exception of some of the small farm plots). Today this cemetery is called "The Old Maryland Cemetery". It is located right next to 7567 on Route 7, it's right on a bend up on the hill, you probably won't see it driving by so perhaps you could watch the mail box for the number above instead. There is a church (well, it was a church), just a few doors down by the green house that you can park at.

The McKown (also seen spelled McKowan) Cemetery is now called "The Maryland Cemetery" and has been for decades. It is located right next to the Morehouse Estate,.. if you are heading from Cooperstown Junction to Schenevus and pass a huge white barn on your right, with the name Morehouse painted on the side of it with a date in the 1700s, then you just passed the cemetery on your left. It kind of sets off from the road and is surrounded by trees on 3 sides,.. it's easy to miss the first time into the area.

The Schenevus Cemetery, as far as I know, has always been called the Schenevus Cemetery. It's right in town - can't miss it if you're doing the speed limit. It is right next to a church that looks like this, except there is a statue of the Mother Mary in front and I believe it is now a Catholic Church. The cemetery & this church are on the same side of the street.

A couple other things I've learned from some of the people that live there: What was first the Tillapaugh Funeral Home became the Potter Funeral Home before the Heller Family bought the business. (I have not been able to find the Potter family, have been hoping that they have the files that Revo Tillapaugh and his wife had put on cards after a fire in the 1890s destroyed the plot maps). If you know anything about this matter (the keeper of the old records), please clue me in - I have family buried here that no longer have headstones and for this reason don't even know if some of them are buried there or not. My ggg-grandmother's headstone was last seen in 1994, now it's gone. I must have stepped on her 25 times while looking for her in the Schenevus Cemetery. Thanks to the library and DAR recording the headstones in 1990, I found out where she is.

Potato Creek Dip = Burnside Dip = Burnside Hill
Spencer Cemetery = Burnside Cemetery = combined
Loft Road = Iron Kettle Road
Worcester was Cherry Hill

The Big Chief Restaurant was Wicks Restaurant (I believe it was owned by the Wicken family). If you do get to Schenevus, the food here is good and there's a cool mural on the wall that was painted by a drifter that came through town in the 1940s. My Uncle was working there at the time, my mother said she used to watch the guy while he painted. It is the story of Chief Schenevus and worth your time. Hopefully I won't get in any trouble for posting this (don't know if I needed the owners permission to express my opinion).

South Hill (I am told, according to my g-Gramma who had it's view from her back yard) How to explain? If standing at the Rose-Chamberlain Cemetery and facing the road, looking out across the way, that mountain was called South Hill. I was under the impression it was elsewhere from what I've read. If you know, perhaps you could inform me when you have a couple minutes.

We spent a total of 7 Full days in Maryland, recording information that spanned from July to October 99. I do anticipate many return visits and to frequent Worcester, Colliersville, Westford, Milford, Lisbon, Laurens, Oneonta, Cooperstown, and itsy bitsy Chaseville (what's left of it). In addition, I will be returning to these 5 cemeteries (and will hopefully find some of the other smaller cemeteries, long abandoned). I'll be certain to send you updates. If you have anything you can share, even if it's just a couple graves that I didn't record (as there are many), please submit them to Jerry Reed so that others might find their kin. I regret not having more time and didn't think it would take as long as 15 minutes at some of these graves, they are so badly worn. They will only become impossible to read in the future but with your help we can avoid the inevitable.

Maryland Cemetery

Schenevus Cemetery

Memorial to Soldiers of Maryland (in the Schenevus Cemetery) 

Cooperstown Junction Cemetery - * Note from Jerry Reed: This cemetery is not in the town of Mayrland. It's in town of Milford.

Spencer Cemetery 

The Rose - Chamberlain Cemetery 

I am looking for my grandparents: Houghton, Burnside, Dunham, Jersey and Cook(e), Slater, Frisbie, & Smith. The Smiths (I am told) is where my Indian roots would be tied into the Cooks and Slaters. My Cooks & Frisbies were from Deleware Co. before they moved to Otsego. The Slaters came to Otsego from MA. On the other side, the Houghtons were among the first settlers of Maryland in the late 1700s arriving from CT and previous to that, England. The Burnides arrived somewhere around 1802 from Albany Co. NY from Canada & and not long before, Ireland<Scotland. The Dunhams were from MA. One of these families (most likely Dunhams) have a history that goes back to the Pilgrams, as it was recorded in the family bible. I donít know anything about Catherine Jersey (mother of David Dunham m. Louise (-?-), wife of Jesse Dunham. If you know anything about any of these familys Iíd love to learn more. Primary interest at this point in time is Catharine Jane Burnside, Jesse Dunham w/wife Catherine Jersey, and Adelbert F. Cook with parents Jacob Cook and mother(-?-)Frisbie.

Am also hoping to find the person who might have inherited my g-Gramma Minnieís bible that contained gilded pages on which our ancestry was recorded back to the pilgrims. The bible was to be left to my Aunt Mildred whoís maiden name was Cook daughter of Adelbert Cook & Minnie Anne Houghton (Minnie Anne dau. of George Houghton & Mary J. Dunham),.. Mildred was wife of Horace DeVine, mother to Richard & Patty DeVine. I would love a copy of the records within it pages. I only hope it wasnít discarded because it has been passed down for many generations. On the inside cover my g-gramma Minnie wrote that she would like the bible to go to her daughter Mildred.


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