The following is a list of Cemeteries in Burleson County Texas. Whenever possible I have included an approximate location of the cemetery. These are probably not all of them so if you know of any others please let me know and I will include them. If  you have transcribed a cemetery in Burleson Co. and would like me to put it on the web site please send it to me and I will get it up asap.  I will then make a link from this page to the transcription.  I have also linked  to the cemeteries that have been transcribed and put up in the US Gen Web Archives, or on my own personal pages.  Please remember that these transcribed cemeteries are the hard work for others and are for you own personal genealogy use and are not to be copied to be published and or sold.  If you have transcribed a Burleson County  cemetery and would like to have it put here please contact me and I will put it up giving you full credit for the work.
I am also looking for photo's of cemeteries.  If you have a photo of a Burleson County Cemetery please email me.

Additional Cemetery Information

Allbright - 2 miles E. of Harmony Baptist Church in Caldwell, TX
Armstrong/Smith/Arendale Cemetery -  3 miles E. of Somerville
Ausley Farm Cemetery

Bare/Bear Branch Cemetery - co. rd. 237 near Snook
Beaird/Birdson Cemetery  -  3 miles SE of Deanville
Belltown/Sulpher Springs Cemetery
Old Birch Creek Cemetery
Bird/Harmony Cemetery  - on J.C. Benton Farm 2 miles NE of Harmony Baptist Church 
Black Jack Cemetery
Blocker/Johnson Cemetery  -  2 1/2 miles E. of Lyons
Botkin Family
Brazos Bottom Baptist Church (Old Tunis Cemetery)
Brewers Hill/Jerusalem Cemetery
Caldwell Masonic Cemetery 12th St. in Caldwell
* Carr Cemetery  - 2 1/2 miles E. of Cooks Point
Carvin Cemetery - Snook

Centerline/County Line Cemetery
Chriesman Cemetery - 1/2 mile E. of Chriesman
Chriesman Chapel Cemetery  - 2 miles W. of Deanville
Christian/Frenstat Cemetery

Clay Cemetery
Clement Graveyard/ 9 miles S. of Snook
*Cooks Point Brethern Cemetery - Cooks Point
* Cooks Point Methodist Cemetery  - 5 miles E. of Caldwell
Cox/Hookerville/Liberty Cemetery
Craven/Carven/St Johns
Deanville Lutheran Cemetery - Deanville
 Draper Cemetery (aka Mosley) - 3 miles E. of Cooks Point
 Elizabeth Chapel Cemetery  - 5 miles E. of Caldwell
*Elizabeth Lutheran Cemetery  - 3 miles E. of Caldwell
 Frenstat Cemetery
Frenstat Catholic Cemetery
Giesenschlag Cemetery 2 miles W. of Snook
Goodwill Cemetery
Graveyard Crossing Cemetery
Heavenly Hill
 High Prairie Cemetery
 Hix Cemetery
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery
Jezek Cemetery - 3 miles E. of Caldwell
Krohne Cemetery  - Boeker's Farm 4 miles E. of Lyons
* Kramer Cemetery  - 5 miles E. of Caldwell
Lawrence Cemetery - Lawrence Farm 3 1/2 E. of Lyons
Liberty Cemetery
Lyons Church of Christ,  - 1 mile W. of Lyons
Lyons Luthern Cemetery - Lyons
Lyons Community
Lyons School Lot
 Marek Cemetery  - 8 miles W. of Lyons
 Mary Moore Cemetery - 7 miles S. of Snook
Masonic Cemetery 12th Street, Caldwell 
 Merle Cemetery  - 3 miles S. of Snook
Mexican Cemetery Association Cemetery - Somerville
 Moseley Cemetery  (aka Draper) 3 miles E. of Cooks Point
Mound Prairie Cemetery - 3 miles SW of Snook
Mount Zion Cemetery
 New Tabor Cemetery - 3 miles SE of Caldwell
New Tabor Brethern Church
Oak Grove/Fagan Cemetery
Oaklawn Cemetery - Somerville
Old Birch Creek Cemetery

Ole Bethlehem Cemetery
*Old City Cemetery
Oldham Cemetery
 Old Tunis Cemetery  - 10 miles E. of Caldwell
Webb - located off County Road #329
Pillow Cemetery - 3 miles N. of Lyons
Plemper-Bettis Cemetery - FM2155 in Snook, TX

 Porters Chapel Cemetery - 11 miles NW of Caldwell
 Prairie Dale Cemetery  - 3 miles N. of Lyons
* Providence  - 7 miles E. of Caldwell - 
Rowland Cemetery
 Saint Mary's/Caldwell Catholic Cemetery
Saint John's Lutheran  
Saint Paul Black Cemetery

 Salem Baptist Cemetery  - 1 1/2 miles N. of Cooks Point
*San Antonio Prairie Cemetery - 8 miles SW of Caldwell
Sands/Leach/Richards Cemetery - 2 1/2 miles E. of Somerville
Schoppe Cemetery - 3 miles S. of Lyons
Shiloh Cemetery
 Slovak Cemetery - 5 miles E. of Caldwell
Snook Cemetery - 2 miles SE of Snook
Stegmueller Farm Cemetery - 14 miles W. of Caldwell
 Thomas Cemetery  - 11 miles S. of Snook
 Thomson Cemetery - 3 miles N. of Chriesman
United Church of Christ/Salem Cemetery - Birch
Woodfork Cemetery
 Small Private Cemeteries
( Ausley Farm,Graves Farm/Morse Grave, McLean Farm,Murry Family, Pape Grave
Poor Farm, Ptacek's Farm,Pennington Grave,Perry,Pillow,Roberts Family, Sanchez/Morris Grave, Tarwater Ranch)
* Cemeteries  that are in the USGENWEB archives.

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