World War I Memorial for the Washingtonians who lost their lives

Memorial Names were taken from the World War I Memorial in Washington, DC. Rank and cause of death are included for those who served with the U.S. Army. These additional details were taken from Soldiers of the Great War, Vol I, compiled by W. M. Haulsee, F. H. Howe, and A. C. Doyle (Washington, DC: Soldiers Record Publishing Assn), 1920.

Legend for Cause of Death:

(A) = Died of Accident
(D) = Died of Disease
(K) = Killed in Action
(W) = Died of Wounds

Photography by Ray Gurganus • Transcription by Susan Salus


"This memorial was erected through the voluntary subscriptions of the people of Washington. It was dedicated on Armistice Day, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-One by Herbert Hoover, President of the United States. Within this corner-stone are recorded the names of the twenty six thousand Washingtonians who when the United States entered the World War answered the call to arms and served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard."

"The names of the men and women from the District of Columbia who gave their lives in the World War are here inscribed as a perpetual record of their patriotic service to their country. Those who fell and those who survived have given to this and to future generations an example of high idealism, courageous sacrifice and gallant achievement."

Earl Adams
Edward L. Adams
Alexander K. Anderson (Lieutenant) (D)
Frederick Anderson (Wagoner) (A)
Louis C. Anderson (Private) (W)
William Arnold (Private) (K)
Melvin M. Augenstein
Eugene H. Austin
Curtis R. Auten
Ellis B. Babcock
Carrington E. Bailey
Philip M. Bailley
Wilk S. Baker (Private) (K)
William H. Baker (Sergeant) (K)
John Thomas Banks
Bernard B. Barnes (Horseshoer) (W)
Warren R. Barnes (Private) (A)
Charles M. Barnett
Frederick Barrack (Private) (W)
Morris R. Barssock
George Cleveland Bates
William L. Baurman
Benjamin Baylor
Louis H. Bayly (Lieutenant) (D)
Walker Blaine Beale (Lieutenant) (W)
James D. Bebout
William E. Bell
Abe Bellmore (Private) (K)
Harry O. T. Benson
Samuel B. Beyer
Arthur Everett Birkle
John A. Bligh
Walter R. Blue (Private) (D)
John Maurice Bohrer
Charles H. Bolden (Private) (D)
James L. Booth (Captain) (D)
Lewis H. Boss (Lieutenant) (W)
Carl Augustus Bostrom
Franklin K. Boswell
Alexander A. Boteler
Wilber H. Boteler
William Boxley
Elmer Francis Boyd
Wilbur Leroy Boyer
Clarence M. Brandenburg
Guy E. Brandt
Mack Bray
John F. X. Brennan
Charles Joseph Brewer
William I. Brooke
Harold F. Brooks
Charles La Ray Brown
Douglas M. Brown
Edward Joseph Brown
James R. Brown
Oliver Brown
Thomas Brown (Lieutenant) (D)
Wilmarth Brown (Lieutenant) (K)
Sidney H. Bryan
Victor Buchalter
Chester W. Buchanan (Lieutenant) (K)
William R. Buchanan
Joseph Budd
Albert O. Burgdorf
John Irving Burns (Private) (D)
Millard M. Burrows
Mattie Virginia Bushee
Raymond P. Cady (Private) (D)
Francis Quigley Carr
Roy C. Carroll (Private) (D)
Edward Carter
Hiram F. Cash (Lieutenant) (W)
John A. Chamberlin
Charles E. Chambers
Henry E. Chandler
Kenneth B. Charlton
Volney O. Chase
Philip G. Chaves
Alfred Cherner (Private) (K)
George B. Chew, Jr.
William Luck Chinn
Charles E. Clark (Sergeant) (K)
Charles Elsworth Clark
Harold M. Clark
Alan Ogilvie Clephane
Ralph McKinley Coates
Harry K. Cochran
Howard R. Colbert (Private) (D)
John Cole
James H. Coleman (Private) (D)
Warren Coleman (Private) (D)
Henry Teller Collison (Wagoner) (D)
Clarence M. Collord (Lieutenant) (K)
Max L. Colman
Thomas T. Colmesnil
Edward T. Comegys (Lieutenant) (A)
Willis E. Comfort
William J. Compher
Boyd F. Conley (Private) (D)
John J. Connors
George Thomas Contee (Private) (W)
Andrew H. Cookman (Private) (K)
Vincent Genger Cooley (Corporal) (K)
James A. Cooper
Ernest A. Corbin (Private) (D)
Vincent B. Costello (Private) (K)
Edward R. Cramer (Private) (D)
Daniel W. Crawford (Private) (D)
Harold Lee Crawford
John Crilly, Jr.
Joseph V. Cullen (Lieutenant) (K)
Louis A. Currier
John S. Curry
John J. Daly
William F. Daughton
Alvin Elliott Davis
Harry Genther Davis
Horace M. Davis
Hugh Mackay Davis
Stafford L. Davis
Harry T. Davison, Jr.
Alexander R. Dean (Lieutenant) (K)
James Leslie Dean (Private) (W)
Charles Smith Deans
Edward H. DeGaw
Stafford G. DeLesdernier
Nicholas J. Demopoulos
Edward G. DePaschalis (Lieutenant) (D)
William K. Dieste (Private) (K)
J. Forsyth Digges
William Godfrey Dillon
Myron D. Dodge (Private) (K)
Thomas E. Donovan
Thomas J. Doran (Master Engineer) (D)
Tony Dordos (Private) (K)
Herman W. Dorr (Private) (D)
Aloysius Dorsey
James W. Dorsey, Jr. (Private) (K)
Julian Noyes Dowell (Lieutenant) (A)
Albert Thomas Drake
Cornelius A. Driscoll (Private) (D)
Sylvester Duckett (Private) (K)
Edward Joseph Dudley
Frank E. Dunkin (Corporal) (D)
Henry Albert Dunn
Arthur H. Dutton (Lieutenant) (W)
Julius E. Eades (Private) (K)
Ellette Tuncle Early
John H. Easton (Private) (K)
George Robert Edelen
Charles M. Edwards
John George Egerton
Louis E. Eisensmith
Theodore S. Elliott
Arthur T. Elmore (Lieutenant) (W)
Ernest W. Emery
George D. English
John I. Eopolucci
William A. Eopolucci (Private) (K)
John F. Evans (Corporal) (K)
John W. Evans
John F. Evansha
Frank T. Fagan
Frederick J. Fagan
Abraham J. Fainman
Thomas H. Farnsworth (Lieutenant) (K)
Foster Cabert Felton
William D. Fenwick (Private) (D)
Frederick Fickling
Franklin E. Fletcher
Henry W. Fletcher
Joseph H. Ford
Franklyn G. Fox (Lieutenant) (A)
Hilary Reid Frazier (Lieutenant) (K)
Charles A. Fuches
Joseph L. Garner (Private) (D)
John Gately
William Joseph Geary (Sergeant Major) (K)
James W. Geddes (Private) (D)
William H. Giles
Ernest I. Gillem
Alfred Glascock (Captain) (D)
Harold L. Gochenour
James R. Goggins, Jr. (Private) (W)
Victoria Good
Frank Gordon (Private) (W)
James N. H. Gordon
Raymond L Gordon
Albert Goss (Private) (D)
George H. Gray
Donald R. Green (Sergeant) (W)
John A. Green
John D. Green (Private) (K)
Robert C. Greenwell
Robert R. Griffith
Benjamin J. Griswold (Army Field Clerk) (D)
William H. Gross
Gordon James Groves
Allen T. Grymes
Clarence L. Gunnell
Pete Haddad
James F. Hagan (Corporal) (K)
Maurice Leo Harding
William W. Hardy
Arthur A. Harig (Private) (A)
J. Randolph Hapman
Warren G. Harries (Lieutenant) (A)
Aloysius D. Harris
Charles D. Harris (Captain) (K)
Richard Samuel Harris
Morgan B. Harvey
John A. Havener (Cook) (D)
Harry W. Hawes (Private) (W)
Bertha Ryan Hayes
Charles Henry
Enrique Hernandez
William Leland Hibbs
Edward S. Higdon
George Chafee Hill
Maron Lester Hodgson
Leroy B. Holcombe (Lieutenant) (K)
Claude Holley
Frank Willard Hollows
Henry S. Holmes
Mathew Holmes (Private) (D)
James R. Hopkins
Wallace F. Howard (Corporal) (D)
William B. Hudson (Captain) (K)
Charles F. Huntemann
Henry Hunter
Paul L. Hurdle (Private) (D)
James William Hurley
Francis Hutchins
Harry Frederick Huth
Maurice James Hutton
Daniel M. Jackson
Edward Jackson (Private) (K)
George Jackson
Joseph J. Jackson
Wilson W. Jackson (Private) (D)
Charles A. Rhett Jacobs
Roger W. Jannus
Hubert Alfred Johnson
James Johnson
James W. Johnson (Private) (D)
Milton Johnson (Private) (K)
James Rawlins Jones
Marcus A. Jordon
Stanton F. Kalk
David Kay
John Joseph Keady
James Keeley (Captain) (K)
John O. Kelser
John A. Kendall (Private) (W)
Frank S. Kennedy (Private) (K)
Harry B. Kennedy
Maurice Keplinger (Sergeant) (D)
John A. Kersey (Corporal) (D)
James W. Keyes
William George Kidd (Private) (D)
Allen L. Kidwell (Sergeant) (D)
George Emmett Killeen
Harry L. Kimmell (Captain) (K)
James L. G. King
Ralph Melvin King
French Kirby
Clarence A. Knudtson (Lieutenant) (W)
Herbert Graham Kubel
Leo Laffey
John M. Lambert
Relious Latney
William J. Lawless
Robert L. Lawson
Fred Lee
Malachi Lee
Kenneth Lewis (Private) (W)
Lloyd Baxter Liebler (Lieutenant) (K)
Harry D. Lombardi
John James Loulan (Private) (D)
Norman A. Loveless (Private) (D)
Joseph Lovings
William T. Lusby
Earl L. Lyles (Sergeant Major) (K)
Thomas Michael Lynch
Douglas C. Mabbott
Charles W. MacDonald (Corporal) (K)
Lee B. Magner (Sergeant) (K)
George Magruder (Private) (K)
Maurice F. Mahoney (Private) (K)
Maurice J. Mahoney (Wagoner) (D)
Donald H. Manning
William S. Manning
Peyton C. March, Jr.
Stuart Leroy Marlow
Theodore C. Marrs
Harace Matthews (Private) (K)
Victor E. J. Mayer
Aubrey Allen Mayo
Aloysius McCauley
John B. McCauley
George Baldwin McCoy
Joseph G. McDonald
J. A. Ray McFadden
Stephen P. McGroarty
Edward E. McKenzie
William H. McKimmie (Corporal) (K)
Wilson Meads
Milton S. Medley (Corporal) (K)
David L. Meeks (Private) (K)
Robert E. Meinekheim (Private) (D)
Carl Frederick Miller
Lemuel B. Miller, Jr.
Samuel Miller, Jr.
Carl Olin Minor
Antonio Missini
Theodore N. Mitchell
William George Moore
Edward S. Morgan, Jr.
John Francis Moriarty
John C. Morrison (Private) (D)
Howard H. Morrow (Private) (W)
Carl Joseph Munch
Beatrice T. Murphy
John Joseph Murphy
Evans Elliott Murray
Hagop Mushekian (Private) (K)
Matt Francis Myers (Private) (D)
James Barbour Nalle (Major) (K)
Richard A. Nally
Kenneth H. Nash
Frank R. Needham
Francis Emmett Neil
Clair T. Newell
Irving T. C. Newman
Frank Edward Newton
Louis A. Niedomanski
Henry Francis Nolan
James Francis Noone
Seymour Nottingham
David T. O’Connell
Francis A. O’Connor
John F. O’Connor
Dave Oettinger
Helen V. Orchard
Leo J. Osborne (Private) (D)
Thomas O’Toole (Private) (W)
Lenwood Hughes Ott (Lieutenant) (A)
Phillips W. Page
Richard Walter Parfet
John Pate
Griffin Payne (Private) (K)
Joseph Peluzzo (Private) (W)
Joseph B. Phelps
John Manly Pickrell
Blanche E. Pierce
Charles Edwin Poates
George W. Polhemus
John Prender, Jr.
Ralph Pumphrey
Israel Putnam (Major) (K)
Albert Zane Pyles (Captain) (W)
W. Otis Quesenberry (Private) (D)
William DeC. Ravenel, Jr.
William F. Redman
William Aubrey Reed
William T. Reiley (Private) (K)
Ralph W. Remick (Corporal) (K)
Frederick T. Remler
William L. Rhine
Franklin A. Richards
Charles David Ricker
James W. Riddick
William H. Ritenour
George R. Robinson
Harold M. Robinson
Jesse Morse Robinson (Lieutenant) (D)
Edward L. Roche (Private) (K)
Alexander Rodgers, Jr. (Lieutenant) (D)
Warner M. Rodgers
William H. Rollins
Robert C. Rusk (Private) (W)
Thomas Russell (Private) (K)
Ferdinand Sauers (Private) (K)
Ernest C. Schleith
Frederick W. Schutt
Paul B. Schwegler
Henry H. Scott
John Crawford Scott
John H. Seaburn
Chase Emily Sebold
George Vaughn Seibold (Lieutenant) (K)
Valentine Sellers
Richard McA. Shamley (Private) (W)
William A. Sheehan (Lieutenant) (K)
Robert L. Shepherd (Private) (W)
Philip H. Sheridan
George Shoulders
Abraham W. Sidkowsky
Leo I. Simmons
William P. Slattery
Carroll B. Smith
Ernest Smith
Ernest S. Smith (Private) (K)
Francis Marion Smith
Israel Smith
James E. Smith (Private) (D)
James L. Smith
Tony Smith (Private) (D)
William F. Smith
Harry F. Smurr
Edward P. Sneed
Maurice B. Snyder (Corporal) (K)
Norman H. Sonnemann (Private) (K)
Samuel W. Sowerbutts (Captain) (K)
Henry C. Spengler (Lieutenant) (K)
Edwin Leo Springmann
Ralph Stambaugh
Edwin M. Stanton (Sergeant) (K)
Percy Albert Stein (Lieutenant) (D)
Albert B. Stelzer
James Stepheny
John Wellington Stepp
Louis G. Stevens
George E. Stewart (Private) (D)
Joseph C. Stewart
Raymond L. Stewart
Francis W. Stone, Jr.
Peter Strickland
George Word Strieby
Benjamin F. Strothers
Albert D. Sturtevant
Harry M. Sullivan
John Sullvon (Private) (K)
Allen M. Sumner (Captain) (K)
Howard G. Swann
Robert E. Symmonds
Charles P. Talks
George Tarantino (Private) (D)
John H. Taylor
William McK. Taylor
Francis A. Tennant
Emil Theiss
William E. Thomas
Raymond W. Thompson
George K. Thornton
Lula May Thrift
Russell D. Tibbitts
Albert W. Tierney
Clarence Tillman
J. Wilder Tomlinson
Philip H. Toomey
William G. Toone (Private) (K)
Henry Peirce Torrey
Lawrence Townsend, Jr.
Charles Ashby Towson (Private) (W)
Francis M. Tracy (Lieutenant) (K)
John G. Utterback (Corporal) (D)
Frank C. Valentine
Arthur G. Vanderlip
Stanley Vanderwalker
Dean R. Van Kirk
John W. Vinson (Sergeant) (K)
B. Stuart Walcott
Leonard Waldman (Private) (D)
Hall Christie Walker
James Edward Walker
Louis Walker (Private) (K)
John B. Warfield
Benjamin Warner
Edward M. Watkins (Private) (W)
Charles S. Weaver (Private) (W)
Carl H. Weber (Sergeant) (D)
Charles F. Wedderburn
Benjamin W. Wells, Jr.
John W. Wheeler
Albert White (Cook) (D)
Robert L. Whitehand
Raymond Whitney
Victor M. Whitside (Major) (D)
Edwin Earl Wilkerson
Laurence O. Wilkins
Guy I. Willard
Frank Aloysius Willeke
Archie W. Williams
Arthur F. Williams
Guy Williams
James H. Williams
Lea D. Williams
Lloyd Williams
Survain A. Williams
Price Williamson
Robert L. Willingham (Mechanic) (A)
Harry V. Wilson (Private) (K)
John W. Wilson (Sergeant) (K)
Harold D. Winans
Carl Alfred Woline (Master Engineer) (K)
John Boyd Wolverton
John H. Woodson (Private) (D)
Harmon George Young