This was a rural community in NW 1/4 Sec. 7-129-77, eight miles west of Westfield, and five miles north of the SD border. The post office was established June 13, 1891 with Joseph Clark (1851 - 1930), a native of England, as pm, and named to note its location in a valley. The post office moved several times within this township, closing November 30, 1923 with mail to Pollock, SD. Over the years, DALE included a church, store, school, Grange Hall, and a stage depot. The original post office building was a log house with a dirt roof.
Contributed by Mike Peterson and the Hazelton Historical Society.

Joseph Clark Family, Cabin, and Barn
Dale Church
Dale School
Dale Grange Hall - (Surname: Paul) - Information and Picture provided by Steven Becker
Dale Postmasters

(Surnames: Andrus, Becker, Clark, Loutzenheiser)
The above article was provided in August 2003 by Michael Alden Peterson. It originally was received by him, with many thanks, from Ellen C. Woods, a member of the Historical Society in Emmons County and it should be noted that the data was originally developed by Albert Becker.

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(Surnames: Andrus, Clark, Loutzenhiser)
The above was provided by Steven Becker