The 1976 Emmons County History published that Sections 16 and 36 of each township were reserved for school entries. In territorial days there were no school districts, only school townships. In 1884 only 9 [Note: the list shows eight named school township and the map shows eight plus one unorganized school township) schools existed in Emmons, with a total of 71 pupils and 9 teachers.

We are in the process of gathering and publishing herein any historical and pictorial data available concerning the rural country schools of Emmons County. If you have old photos and/or country school memories to share please contact us.

Pictures of the old schools can be found 1976 County History Book beginning on Page 46.

McGuffey Reader Article

Dale/Glanavon Gayton Hampton Township Reimer
South Prairie Winona

Dates of Organization for School Districts in 1891
(Except for Glencoe this list was contributed by Theodora Cole)

Buroak (Burr Oak) - 19 April 1884
Gayton - 19 April 1884
Winona - 19 April 1884
Glanavon - 19 April 1884
Winchester - 19 April 1884
Williamsport - 19 April 1884
Cherry Grove - 19 April 1884
Logan - 19 April 1884
Bakker - 7 July 1885
Selz - 3 April 1888
Union - 4 June 1888
Exeter - 20 April 1889

Table of Teachers Employed 1884-1885 - Emmons County
Document Image
Surnames on Document: Moodie, Yeater, Campbell, Smith, Weller, McFadden

A Works Progress Administration Document,
Bismarck, North Dakota,
Territorial Records of the Superintendent of Schools,
Emmons County, Dakota Territory
Contributed by Theodora Cole