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Los Angeles County Biographies

Surname Index

[Adam - Ferr] [Finc - Maye] [McBr - Trac] [True - Youn]

Description Size Date Submitter
Trueman, James F.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Trueworthy, John Wesley Image 29K Jun 2009 Joy Fisher The Registry
Tucker, John A.¹5K2001Mary Ann
Tullis, O. G. 1864 - 6K Dec 2005 Joy Fisher
Tully, E. C. 1860 - 8K Jan 2007 Joy Fisher
Turner, Daniel 1806 - 5K Jan 2006 Joy Fisher
Urquhart, Guy 1894 - 4K Feb 2006 Joy Fisher
Vache, Adolf 1835 - 5K Jan 2006 Joy Fisher
Valentine, Edmund J.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Valenzuela, Jose 6K Jan 2006 Joy Fisher
Van Tress, Benjamin F. 1836 - 6K Dec 2005 Joy Fisher
Van Wie, Arthur J.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Veysey, Neva²8K2004Laura Stotler
Vise, Annie Francis¹5K2001Mary Ann
Von Oven, O. E.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Waite, Ida M.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Walton, Clarence W.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Watson, Thomas D.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Watson, Thomas W.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Watkeys, Luther C. 1854 - 5K Jan 2006 Joy Fisher
Way, Vess Goodrich 1887 - 5K Feb 2006 Joy Fisher
Webster, Daniel²8K2004Laura Stotler
Welbourn, O. C. Image 28K Jun 2009 Joy Fisher The Registry
Welch, J. J. 3K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Wells, Don W. 1884 - 4K Feb 2006 Joy Fisher
Wells, Guilford Wiley 1840 - 13K Dec 2005 Joy Fisher
Westphal, H. G.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Westover, Oliver S. 1832 - 7K Jan 2006 Joy Fisher
Whitcomb, George Dexter 11K   Theresa Whitcomb
White, John R.²8K2004Laura Stotler
White, Richardson²8K2004Laura Stotler
Whitmore, Samuel J. Image 29K Jun 2009 Joy Fisher The Registry
Wiesendanger, Theodore Image 42K Jul 2009 Joy Fisher The Registry
Wiest, George E. 1885 - 5K Feb 2006 Joy Fisher
Wiest, John Alfred 1882 - 7K Feb 2006 Joy Fisher
Wiggins, Archie N.¹5K2001Mary Ann
Wiggins, Thomas Mayes¹5K2001Mary Ann
Wilber, Henry Peachey 5K Jan 2006 Joy Fisher
Wiley, Harley R. 1855 - 9K Feb 2007 Joy Fisher
Woodbury, George²8K2004Laura Stotler
Woodruff, William Wallace 1844 - 5K Jan 2006 Joy Fisher
Woods, Harry Johnstone¹5K2001Mary Ann
Wyant, Andrew Henry 1839 - 8K Dec 2005 Joy Fisher
Young, Charles W.²8K2004Laura Stotler
Young, T. C.²8K2004Laura Stotler

¹El Monte From the Pioneer Days History and Biographical Sketches; Compiled and Written for The City of El Monte by The Works Progress Administration Project N-5740
Supervisors: C.D. Maxon Fred J. Brown Lee Stoddard Charles G. Mudd [1937]

²History of Glendale and Vicinity by John Calvin Sherer, published by The Glendale History Publishing Co. [1922]

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