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William was born in Canada in 1832. He served in the Civil War in Company A, and also Company H, 29th Michigan Infantry Regiment. He started receiving his pension on 11 February 1924 and his wife, Matilda, started receiving a widows pension on 21 December 1925. Braddock History Book on Page 118 has more biography for him. William died on 23 October 1925 and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Bismarck, Burleigh County. Burial, Tombstone Picture.


Ellery Channing Chilcott was an Agriculturist with the United States Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C.
Born in Hamburg, Erie, NY in 1859 he was sent to the Dakotas to oversee the mapping and surveying of new public land.
The townsite of Winona was surveyed on Section 5 and 8 of Township 130N, Range 79W. He filed the plat in December, 1884. It was plated with wide streets and lots. Chilcott served in World War I in 1918. He authored several books on North Dakota Agriculture such as Crop Rotation for North Dakota, Barley in the Great Plains, and Forage Plants for North Dakota. He eventually returned to VA, where he died 14 November 1930 in Vienna, Fairfax County.
He was married to Alice May Bushley (1860-1937). His brother Spencer Chilcott (1863-1929) farmed in Pollack, Campbell, SD and died in Brown Co., SD.
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Photo is from 1918, courtesy of Debora Miller
The map of Winona is from 1916 Atlas for Emmons County
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Walter was born about 1829 and died 3 December 1895.
He enlisted as a Private on 29 September 1864 into Company A, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry Regiment and mustered out on 19 July 1865 at Edgefield, Tennessee. He started his pension on 20 June 1890 in North Dakota and his wife, Ida, started receiving a widow's pension on 27 February 1896 in Wisconsin.
In the 1890 Veterans Federal Census he is living in Exeter.
Walter had a land grant in Section 30, Township 132, Range 75.
He is buried in Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
Burial, Tombstone Picture


Samuel was born October 1846 in Ohio. He enlisted as a Private in Company F, 13th Illinois Cavalry on 20 January 1864. On 31 August 1865 he was discharged at Pilot Knob, Missouri. He started receiving his pension on 19 February 1889 in Dakota Territory and his wife, Rachel, began receiving a widow's pension on 28 December 1908 in North Dakota. Samuel died on 23 December 1908 and is buried in the Braddock Cemetery. Burial, Tombstone Picture.


The American Civil War Soldiers document indicates: His residence at time of enlistment on 15 August 1862 was Corydon, Iowa and he was 27. He reported to Company F [E], Iowa 34th Infantry Regiment on 15 October 1862 and mustered out on 15 August 1865 at Houston, Texas.
in the 1900 Census, Benjamin is at Burr Oak. It indicates he was born April 1835 in Virginia. His family is wife Rebecca born October 1832 in Ohio and son Benjamin G. born April 1863 in Iowa.
In the 1910 Census, Benjamin is in a hospital in Stutsman County. It indicates he was born in 1834 and he is a widower. He died there on 19 May 1912.
Burial, Tombstone Picture.
There are various birth dates for Benjamin. The headstone and some online records have 1829. All census reports and North Dakota Death Index show around 1834.
History of Emmons County - 1976 has extensive information, including biographies, on the Corbin family.
See Short Article on Corbinsville

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John was born 9 November 1841 and died 18 August 1894.
He enlisted as a Private into Company C, 17th Illinois Cavalry and mustered out as a Lieutenant Commander. His tombstone indicates "CAPT". The 1890 Veterans Federal Census indicates he served from 1861 to 1865. He started receiving his pension 1 June 1893 in North Dakota and his wife, Emma, started receiving a widow's pension on 3 Dec 1894.
In the 1890 Veterans Federal Census he is living in Williamsport.
John's heirs had a land grant in Section 2, Township 134, Range 76.
He is buried in Boone County, Illinois.
Burial, Tombstone Picture


Headstones Provided for Deceased Union Civil War Veterans, 1879-1903 Record for Smith H Cronk indicates Smith H. Cronk died 7 July 1889 and was buried in Beaver Valley Cemetery located at Winchester, North Dakota with the headstone provided by Lee Marble Works.
The American Civil War Soldiers document indicates: Smith was a carpenter and enlisted on 4 September 1862 at Union Vale, New York. He enlisted as a Private at the age of 35 in Company E, 50th Engineers Regiment New York and mustered out on 13 June 1865 at Fort Barry, Virginia. He was 6 feet tall, blue eyes, brown hair, dark complexion.
The New York, Civil War Muster Roll Abstracts, 1861-1900 indicates he was born about 1827 in Delaware, New York.
The U.S., Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934 indicates his wife's name is Mary. He was receiving a pension as of 11 November 1878 as an invalid. On 10 September 1889 Mary started receiving his pension in Dakota Territory.
He is mentioned in this Raynolds Family Tree article.
There is land recorded in Mary Cronk's name of 160 acres located in Township 132, Range 76, Section 16 and recorded September 9, 1890.
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