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Church's and Cemeteries of Carroll County, Mississippi

Comprehensive Cemetery Listings:

This index is a comprehensive Cemetery Listing from the GNIS, USGS
Topographic Maps, and online cemetery records for Carroll County. This list is not considered complete. If you have any additions, or comments, please feel free to contact me. This table includes the Cemetery by Name, the Township/Range/Section coordinates, the Longitude/Latitude Coordinates and the USGS Map Name. The Status column indicates if the cemetery is a part of this website.

Submitted by John Hansen, August 25, 2003 (Rev. Oct 2004)

Feature Name Coordinates Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map Status
Tshp/Rg/Sect. 00d00m00s 00d00m00s
Allen Cemetery T19-R4E-S10 333136N 895147W McCarley Online
Allen Cemetery T19-R4E-S15 333049N 895127W McCarley Online
Applewhite Cemetery T17N-R6E-S5 Online
Ambrose Chapel Cem T20N-R5E-S30 333425N 894905W Tie Plant
Avalon Cemetery T21N-R2E-S28 333909N 900517W Avalon
Bagley Cemetery T17N-R2E-S19 331420N 894959W West Online
Beck Cemetery T21N-R4E-S28 333852N 895324W Jefferson
Beck Cemetery T21N-R4E-S30 333934N 895457W Jefferson
Bethel Chapel Cem. T18N-R3E-S17 332535N 900136W Gravel Hill Online
Bethel Chapel Cem. T21N-R4E-S36 333836N 894930W Tie Plant
Bethel CME Cem. T17N-R3E-S31 331742N 900103W Black Hawk Online
Bethel Meth. Cem. T21N-R4E-S36 333837N 894933W Tie Plant Online
Bethlehem See Lott Cem. #1  
Bibb Cemetery T19N-R5R-S7 333139N 894903W McCarley Online
Blackhawk Cem. T17N-R3E-S20 331942N 900033W Black Hawk Online
Blackhawk Baptist Church Cemetery         Online
Blackmonton Chapel Cem T17N-R4E-S17 332021N 895340W Murdock Lake Online
Bledsoe Cemetery T21N-R4E-S19 333942N 895500W Jefferson
Blow Cemetery See Minyard
Bluff Springs Cemetery T18N-R5E-S7 332642N 894949W Bailey Lake Online
Bluff Springs Cemetery T18N-R5E-S7 332641N 894330W Bailey Lake Online
Boyd Cemetery T17N-R5E-S35 Vaiden Online
Brantley Cemetery Now Holmes Co.       Online
Browning Cemetery Online
Browns Cemetery T20N-R4E-S9 333645N 895323W North Carrollton
Browns Chapel Cem. T20N-R4E-S8 333648N 895356W North Carrollton Online
Bunion Cemetery T21N-R4E-S33 333833N 895319W Jefferson Online
Calvary Chapel Cem. T21N-R4E-S30 333902N 894912W Tie Plant Online
Centerville Cemetery T18N-R2E-S1 332714N 900202W Gravel Hill Online
Coila Cemetery T18N-R3E-S27 332403N 895850W Coila Online
Collins Cemetery T19N-R3E Online
Drake Burying Grd. (Possibly Boyd Cem) Online
Durbin Family Cemetery T21N-R2E-S36 333840N 900156W Avalon Online
Ebenezer Cemetery T19N-R4E-S27 333942N 895527W Jefferson Online
Eden Cemetery T20N-R4E-S34 333248N 895214W McCarley
Eden Cemetery T20N-R4E-S34 333248N 895159W McCarley
Eden Cemetery T20N-R4E-S34 333246N 895201W McCarley
Eden Meth. Cem. T19N-R4E-S3 333241N 895209W McCarley Online
Edmond Greer Cem. Online
Ellandale Cemetery T17N-R3E-S6 332218N 900155W Black Hawk Online
Ely Cemetery T16N-R5E-S5 Peachahala Creek Online
Emmons Cemetery T21N-R3E-S26 333849N 895715W Jefferson Online


Enon Cemetery T18N-R4E-S28 332338N 895313W Coila Online
Everett Cemetery T17N-R6E-S5 332148N 894103W Vaiden Online
Evergreen Cemetery T19N-R4E-S7 333125N 895435W North Carrollton Online
Fielder Cemetery T21N-R3E-S23 333955N 895642W Jefferson Online
Floyd Cemetery See Loving
Foreman Cemetery T18N-R3E-S1 332721N 895557W Coila
Fox Cemetery T19N-R4E-S8 333129N 895355W North Carrollton Online
Franklin Cemetery T21N-R3E-S23 334000N 895717W Jefferson
Friendship Prim. H.S. Baptist T20N-R4E-S13 Online


Frog Pond Cemetery See Old Bluff Spring
Furguson Fam. Cem Online
Gant Cemetery T19N-R4E-S27 Online
Goodhope Chapel Cem T17N-R4E-S5 332150N 895357W Murdock Lake
Goss Cemetery T19N-R2E-S23 332935N 900351W Gravel Hill Online
Grantham Cemetery T17N-R6E-S22 331905N 893923W Vaiden Online
Grays Cemetery T21N-R4E-S31 333830N 895524W Jefferson Online
Greenwood LeFlore Cemetery T19N-R3E-S7 333134N 900105W Browning Online
Hairston Cemetery T17N-R4E-S25 331824N 894956W Peachahala Creek Online
Hansbrough Fam. T19N-R3E-S35/S36 Carrollton Online
Harbin Cemetery Online
Harland Cemetery T18N-R3E-S30 332338N 900103W Gravel Hill Online
Harmony Cemetery T17N-R2E-S20 331943N 900619W Black Hawk Online
Harmony Chapel Cem. T18N-R5E-S36 332313N 894330W Winona
Heggie No. 1 Online
Heggie No. 2 Online
Hemmingway Online
Hickory Grove Cem. T20N-R4E-S22 333458N 895154W McCarley Online
Hickory Grove Cem. T20N-R4E-S22 333457N 895149W McCarley Online
Hoge Cemetery T19N-R3E-S19 332951N 900048W Gravel Hill Online
Holman Fam. Cem. T19N-R4E-S4 Online
Hopewell Cemetery T17N-R5E-S17 331946N 894746W Peachahala Creek Online
Howard-Howse Online
Hudson Cemetery T16N-R5E-S14 331426N 894540W West Online
Hughes Cemetery T19N-R3E-S29 332902N 900013W Gravel Hill Online
Jeff Chapel Cem. T17N-R4E-S30 331802N 895516W Murdock Lake Online
Jefferson Cemetery T21N-R4E-S32 333807N 895333W Jefferson
Jenkins Cemetery T18N-R2E-S22 Online
Johnstone Cemetery T20N-R3E-S17 Online
Jones Cemetery T18N-R3E-S23 Online
Jones Chapel Cemetery Online
Kegler Cemetery T17N-R6E-S17 332013N 894136W Vaiden Online
Kent Cemetery T20N-R3E-S18 333554N 900143W Browning Online
Kent Cemetery #2 T20N-R3E-S18 Online
Kea Cemetery T21N-R3E-S28 333923N 895918W Online
Key Cemetery Online
Kimbrough Cem. T19N-R4E-S19 Online
Kirby Cemetery T21N-R3E-S29 Online
Lawrence Cemetery T19N-R4E-S17 Online
Liberty Chapel Cem. T21N-R4E-S32 333810N 895332W Jefferson Online
Long Cemetery T20N-R2E-S25 333413N 900200W Browning Online
Longview Cemetery T20N-R3E-S22 333449N 895829W North Carrollton Online
Lott Cemetery #1 T20N-R4E-S29 333428N 895336W North Carrollton
Lott Cemetery #2 See Old Liberty     Tie Plant  
Loving Cemetery T19N-R3E-S21/S22 Online
Macrossley Cemetery T18N-R2E-S32 332231N 900625W Gravel Hill -
Malmaison Chapel C. T19N-R3E-S6 333242N 900048W Browning Online
Malmaison Baptist Church T19N-R3E-S5 or S6 Online
Marshall Cemetery T18N-R4E-S8 332611N 895353W Coila Online
Martin Grove Cemetery T16N-R4E-S3 331533N 895230W Peachahala Creek
Marvin Cemetery T19N-R4E-S35 332805N 895049W Bailey Lake Online
Mason Cemetery T18N-R6E-S19 332430N 894245W Winona Online
Mathews Cem. No. 1 See Rosehill      
Mathews Cem. No 2 T18N-R2E-S25 332404N 900159W Gravel Hill
McCain Cemetery T20N-R2E-S23 333507N 900328W Browning
McCarley Cemetery T19N-R4E-S12 Online
McCormick Cem. T18N-R3E-S17 332505N 900040W Gravel Hill
McDougal Cemetery T17N-R5-S35 Online
McEachern Cem. T17N-R4E-S36 331731N 894947W Peachahala Creek Online
McKay Cemetery Online
McMillian Cemetery T18N-R3E-S6 332723N 900108W Gravel Hill
Meek Cemetery T19N-R2E-S23/S24 Online
Merrill Cemetery T18N-R2E-S24 332408N 900247W Gravel Hill Online
Michie Cemetery T16N-R5E-S8 331535N 894805W Peachahala Creek Online
Middleton Cem. In Montgomery County Online
Midway Cemetery T17N-R4E-S26 331811N 895021W Peachahala Creek Online
Midway Chapel Cem. T17N-R4E-S27 331815N 895131W Peachahala Creek
Minyard Cemetery Online
Mission Church In Montgomery County Online
Monday Cemetery T20N-R3E-S24 333521N 895624W North Carrollton
Moores Memorial Cemetery See Pisgah
Morris Cemetery T20N-R4E-S30 Online
Moss Springs Cemetery T20N-R3E-S33 333250N 895911W North Carrollton
Mount Elam Cemetery T20N-R4E-S9 333609N 895242W North Carrollton
Mt. Nebo Cem. Online
Mount Olive Cemetery T17N-R3E-S6 332155N 900154W Black Hawk Online
Mount Olive Cemetery T19N-R2E-S12 333141N 900254W Browning
Mount Olive Cem. T19N-R5E-S17 333011N 894749W McCarley
Mount Pera Cemetery T17N-R2E-S22 331927N 900454W Black Hawk
Mount Pisgah Cem. T20-R3E-S5 333723N 900035W Browning
Mount Pleasant Cem. T17N-R3E-S17 332001N 900040W Black Hawk
Mount Vernon Cem. See Bunion Online
Mount Zion Chapel Cemetery T17N-R4E-S2 332130N 895936W Peachahala
Mt. Nebo Cem. T19N-R5E-S31 Online
Murdock Cemetery T17N-R3E-S24 331853N 895554W Murdock Lake
Nebo Cemetery T19N-R5E-S30 332828N 894856W Bailey Lake Online
Nebo Chapel Cem. T17N-R3E-S3 332130N 895753W Murdock
Neill Family Cem. T19N-R4E-S8/S9 Online
Nelson-Scott Fam. T19N-R4E-S19 Online
New Bethel Cemetery T20N-R3E-S24 333502N 895613W North Carrollton Online
New Hope Cem. #2 In Montgomery Co. Online
New Hope Cemetery T18N-R2E-S25 332407N 900157W Gravel Hill Online
New Jerusalem Ch. T20N-R3E-S28 Online
New Salem Cemetery T18N-R4E-S35 332306N 895042W Bailey Lake Online
New Shiloh Bapt. Online
New Zion Chapel Cem T17N-R3E-S35 331711N 895641W Murdock Lake
Newell Cem. T19N-R4E- Online
Oak Grove Cem. T19N-R3E-S27 332852N 895817W Coila Online
Oak Grove Cemetery T20N-R3E-S18 333541N 900053W Browning
Oakwood Cemetery T19N-R4E-S18 Online
Oklahoma Chapel Cem. T17N-R2E-S28 331844N 900527W Black Hawk
Old Bluff Spring T18N-R5E-S6 Online
Old Liberty Cem. T20N-R4E-S3 333752N 895216W Tie Plant Online
Old Plank Cemetery T17N-R6E-S28 331826N 893950W Vaiden Online
Old Salem Cemetery T17N-R4E-S30 331811N 895459W Murdock Lake Online
Old Union Cemetery T20N-R3E-S11 333642N 895743W North Carrollton Online
Pate Fam. Cem. See Sharkey-Pate Online
Pate Cemetery See Rosehill
Payne Chapel Cemetery T21N-R4E-S36 333857N 894946W Tie Plant
Pennicost Fam Cem. See MaCrossley Online
Pettigrew Cemetery Online
Pine Bluff Chapel Cem. T17N-R1E-S11 332106N 900922W Crugar
Pink Flower Cemetery T19N-R5E-S6 333222N 894900W McCarley
Pisgah Cemetery T20N-R3E-S4 333720N 895933W North Carrollton Online
Pleasant Green Cem. T19N-R4E-S24 333004N 895005W McCarley
Pleasant Grove MB T20N-R4E-S17/S18 333545N 895428W North Carrollton Online
Poplar Springs Cem. T18N-R4E-S6 332703N 895456W Coila Online
Primitive Cemetery (Poss. Friendship, see above) T20N-R4E-S13 333538N 895005W McCarley
Prospect Baptist T20N-R5E-S15 - - - Online
Prospect Bapt. No. 2 Appears to be Providence Ch. - - - Online
Providence Baptist C. T19N-R3E-S14 333010N 895652W North Carrollton Online
Purnell Cemetery T21N-R4E-S35 333824N 895118W Tie Plant
Redditt Fam. Cem. Online
Rosehill Cemetery T18N-R2E-S36 332302N 900219W Gravel Hill Online
Saint James Cemetery T21N-R2E-S36 333850N 900204W Avalon
Salem Cemetery T20N-R2E-S2 333749N 895110W Tie Plant Online
Shady Grove Cemetery T18N-R3E-S20 332434N 900049W Gravel Hill
Sharkey Pate Cemetery T18N-R2E-S35 332310N 900406W Gravel Hill
Shiloh Cemetery #1 See Michie      
Shiloh Cemetery #2 T18N-R2E-S22 332434N 900455W Gravel Hill Online
Shongola Cemetery See Vaiden
Shutes Cemetery T17N-R3E-S8 332109N 900024W Black Hawk Online
Sidon Cemetery In Leflore County Online
Smiths Chapel Cem. T18N-R2E-S13 332516N 900241W Gravel Hill Online
Smith Cemetery See Rosehill
Springhill Chapel Cem. T18N-R4E-S21 332442N 895303W Coila
Stansberry Cemetery T18N-R4E-S5 332652N 895349W Coila
Stone Cemetery T18N-R2E-S22 332439N 900458W Gravel Hill
Streater Cemetery T17N-R3E-S30 331837N 900122W Black Hawk Online
Summerfield Chapel Cem. T18N-R4E-S24 332407N 894956W Bailey Lake
Sylvan Hall Cemetery T19N-R3E-S15 333024N 895842W North Carrollton Online
Teoc Cemetery T19N-R3E-S6 333237N 900050W Browning Online
Tindall Cemetery T19N-R3E-S1 Online
Tillman Chapel Cem. T19N-R3E-S2 333239N 895715W North Carrollton
Troxler Cemetery T17N-R4E-S39 331719N 895305W Online
Tuckersville Cemetery T17N-R5E-S35 331715N 894439W Vaiden
Vaiden Cemetery T17N-R5E-S14 331941N 894459W Vaiden
Valley Hill Cemetery T19N-R3E-S19 332955N 900113W Gravel Hill Online
Wall Cemetery T20N-R4E-S34 333257N 895135W McCarley
Walls Cemetery T18N-R2E-S21 332436N 900612W Gravel Hill
Watson Cemetery T20N-R4E-S17
White Fam. Cem. T19N-R3E Online
Whitehead Cem. T19N-R5E-S30 332900N 894912W Online
Wiley Cemetery See Troxler
Williams Cemetery T20N-R3E-S26 333346N 895643W Online
Wilson-Wade Cem. - - - - Online
Wiltshire Fam. Cem. T17N-R4E-S33 331712N 895309W Murdock Lake Online
W.W. Whitehead T18N-R5E-S16 Online


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