Documentary Film on YouTube:  Hawaii Like You've Never Seen It Before 

Archives of the Honolulu Star Bulletin, Counting Down to the year 2000, Hawaii Looking Back, 1999 May 5 - Nov 8, a recap of Hawaiʻi's milestones

Ancient Hawaii - Article on Wikipedia with links to other articles within Wikipedia

Bishop Museum - Museum Bulletins   Online Learning Center   

Hana Hou! Magazine Index - from Hawaiian Airlines contains many articles about Hawaii

Hawaii Genealogy Trails - from Genealogy Trails History Group

Hawaii History website - Hawaiʻi Events Chronologically

Hawaiian Journal of History - Hawaiian Historical Society

Hawaiian Legends of Old Honolulu - W.D. Westervelt; published on Sacred-texts website

Hawaiian Mythology - Study of Hawaiian mythology by Martha Beckwith, 1940; published on Sacred-texts website

Honouliuli Internment Site - National Monument

Japanese-American and Nikkei Museums in Japan

Kaʻahele Hawaii - Culture, Natural History can be found on this website

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State of Hawaii - History of Hawaii in terms of the natural resources of Hawaii; six management eras (defined as a period of time in which land use philosophies or practices changed, resulting in a significant change to the environment) are:

          Geological Overview
          1.  Pre-Kamehameha (Pre-1789)
          2.  Kamehameha I (1789-1819)
          3.  Kamehameha II (Liholiho) (1819-1824)
               aka The Debt Years (1819-1830)
          4.  A Wild Frontier (1830-1848)
          5.  Plantations (1848-1954)
          6.  Sharing the Wealth (1954-Present)

          To read any of the above articles, go to the History of Hawaii site and they appear on the left side of the page.

ulukau - Books of Old Hawaii

Wakamiya Inari Shrine

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