There are no "silver bullet" in anything related to genealogy research.  Because of (my guess) privacy issues, most information are not available online.  I've found some WWII veterans' records online and according to FOLD3 (a pay site) veteran records at FOLD3 are available for up through 1969-1971.

Online Veterans and Military Documents at the National Archives.

National Archives gives general instructions as to how to do genealogy research in military records.  If you are a close relative (child, parent, sibling, grandparent), It is easier to get any kind of data for service members if you are able to get their military id.  

In my case, I finally tracked down my maternal uncle's military id and sent for his records from the National Military Personnel Records Center.  Of course we all know about the disasterous fire that burned a lot of the records, so, I only got copies of his discharge order back to Hawaii and last financial transaction before he was discharged.  I still have not gotten my father's records.

Free Genealogy website, seems to contain many WWII records.

Background Material that I've come across.  This is biased to my requirements.  I am open to any suggestions for additional research websites.  Contact me with your sugguestions.

     Nisei Linguists - Japanese Americans in the Military Intelligence Service during WWII

     WWII Asian Pacific Americans in the US Army

     100th Battalion

     Go For Broke

      Army History

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