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1997 - 2015
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16-02 Thorsen I am looking for my three step brothers, John Thorsen, Patrick Thorsen, twins born about 1937 and Michael Lee Thorsen born about 1939. I was adopted by their father, John Patrick Thorsen when he married my mother. Any information would be very much appreciated. Pamela 03/01/16
16-01 Thorsen Completed Feb 2016. John Patrick Thorsen, born and raised on Maui, now deceased, was my stepfather. He adopted me legally when he and my mother were married in 1944(not sure of date, might have been 1943) I would like to learn what I can about his family. Family story says his mother died when he was a baby and his father, a Norweigan whaler, was absent most of the time. John was raised by his maternal aunt. Any additional information would be very much appreciated. Pamela 01/22/16
15-01 Mitchell Please help me find info on my bio mom? I only know that I was born dec 19, 1964. Honolulu Hawaii. My father was an artist. My mother was at a home for unwed mothers. My first cousin informed me that my bio dad was Reems Mitchell, a famous Maui sculptor. I've contacted my half siblings most of whom live in Honolulu still, but they are not able to enlighten me about my mother. Beth 10/01/15
09-01 MAHER, STUTTS, GONSALVES My father, Stanley MAHER (STUTTS) born 25 May 1918, in Honolulu to Arthur P. MAHER and Frances G. GONSALVES. Arthur was connected to the Army Band and was the best friend to my Father's father George L. STUTTS. I am trying to find my Grandmother, Frances G. Gonsalves from Spain. She came to HI about 1911 with her parents, Diego and Antonia Navarro Gonsalves. I can't seem to find out anything else. All help will be appreciated. Deena Stutts 09/01/09
08-17 Robinson Seeking information on John Peck Robinson b. 13 Oct 1925 in CA d. 19 Apr 1997 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was interred 29 Apr 1997 in Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery. Ann 08/11/08
07-15 Ching, Ling, Wong Searching for descendants of Wong Ching (Chinese) and Anna Wong Ching (Hawaiian), residents of Kohala at about 1900. They had two daughters that I know of, Clara (Lan Kyau Wong born 12/25/1899, married to Ross Anderson, relocated to Sonora California). The other daughter I know as "Mary Ling " who apparently lived on Kaimuki Avenue, Honolulu in 1966. I have a photo of Clara with her sister's two children taken at Mary Ling's Kaimuki Avenue home in 1966 (a girl about 4 years old and a boy about 2 years old). I am the god daughter of Clara (she had no children, but considered me her hanai daughter) and would appreciate any information on her relatives. Christina 06/23/07
07-13 Borges, Souza Jules Borges birth about 1875 married Alvida Souza birth 1865 both came from Portugal, children:
  • Roseline
  • Margaret
  • Joseph
  • Theresa
  • Mary
(Theresa & Mary could have been adopted from the Orphanage Father Edmond ran.)

They lived in Kalihi Valley and lived on Monte St. Both buried at the cemetary at Our Lady of the Mount.
Gloria 06/23/07
07-12 Birch, Lane Walter Kalani Lane was born Oahu 11/15/1901. Father: John Carey Lane, Mother: Nellie Birch .

There is info Nellie Birch had a child 11/15/1901 but at the time of birth name of child and father was unknown. Walter went to Kamehaha School at one point and was raised at some point in an orphanage, perhaps a Cathollic orphanage.
Patti 06/23/07
07-11 Jones, Lyon/Lyons I am looking for any obituaries, probates, wills, and burial sites on an Albert Lyon and his son Ralph A. Lyon. I know Albert died in Honolulu 19 Oct 1906 and ran a book store. Ralph A married a Nalani T Jones in 1907, and they had a daughter Mary B.

Ralph A is listed as a Chemist Fertizler in the 1910 census. Ralph A and his wife drop out of site after 1910, and their daughter is living with her grandmother a H. Jones in 1920. Thanks
Richard 05/04/07
07-10 McNamee I am looking for any information on a Bernard McNamee , who was a ship's captain. Died in Honolulu on July 4, 1895. Thanks! Karen 05/04/07
07-08 Cheok, Chuck, Cordes, Lau My father in-law, Robert Ting Chuck b. 1923 living, parents Hong Yee Chuck and Aoe Ting Chuck, buried at Nuuanu Cemetery in Honolulu. Died before 1940, so probably born in late 1800's. Any information on their parents? Spelling may originally have been spelled Cheok - unsure. Thanks. Beth 05/04/07
07-07 Kalauawa I am looking for descendents of John (Keone) and Kekiokalani Kalauawa . They lived Makiki Valley Honolulu, Hawaii. abt 1835 -- 1927. Other family names were Aukai, Aki, Kamauoha, Kaluna, Puhikea. Pearl 03/17/07
07-06 Siangco Hello..I am researching the ancestors and descendants of Eleuterio Siangco . He is my great grandfather and I am putting together a family tree. Could you please provide me with whatever information you can find out about this person. Thank You. Christopher 03/17/07
07-05 Wright I'm looking for information regarding Arthur Wright , more specifically his parents and a first wife? I have information saying he was born 4 Mar 1919 in Honolulu, son of Harry Wright and "Annie" (or "Kalalalahua") He married my grandmother in Ohio in 1980, so I was raised with him as my grandfather. I also have info that he was in the Army Engineers during WWII from 1942-1945 there in Hawaii. This is all info that was passed down to me by my parents, so I'm unsure as to how correct it may be. Any information regarding his parents (and his first wife as I believe he was married before my grandmother) would be a great asset to my family research! Thank you! Candy 03/17/07
07-04 Creevey I am looking for information on Edward Allen Creevey and his wife, Julia H., who resided in Honolulu from about 1915. I believe that Edward died in Honolulu sometime between 1933 and 1948. And his wife, Julia, died after. I would like to know when they died. They also had two daughters, Louise Ruth Creevey, born 1919, and Carol R. Creevey, born 1920. the Creevey family are cousins on my grandmother's Ross side of the family and I am interested in knowing what happened to them. Anything would be appreciated. Thank you. Martin 02/12/07
07-03 McMaster My brother was killed in an auto accident there on March 2, 1973. His name was DALE LYNN MCMASTER . He was in the Navy.

Can you find the local newspaper article abou the accident and his death so that I can see what happened?? I am guessing his death certificate would be there in Hawaii, wouldn't it? Thanks!
Cynthia 02/03/07
06-23 Jorn, Lilui, Noon, Tambree, Tembo I am searching for information relating to a distant relative by the name Lilui TEMBO (Aka William TAMBREE ). He was born in Honolulu, Sandwich Islands in about 1837. Parents - Henry Lilui and Mary Jorn as stated on his marriage certificate. He arrived in Sydney, Australia in about 1853 (possibly jumping from trading ship). He married Mary NOON and later in 1888 died in Bathurst, NSW, Australia. Any information would be appreciated, including the origin of the surname TEMBO. Jon 11/24/06
06-20 Garcia Am looking for my cousin named Adam Troy Garcia born abt 1967 Hawaii. Mother is Thelma Garcia and Father was Pedro Garcia. He also had a sister named Jennie or Janie Garcia Any help would be greatly appriciated. ? Aurea 10/07/06
06-19 Ayers, Dinegar Does anyone know the children and grandchildren of the marriage of Dr. Robert Henry Dinegar and a Miss Ayers ? Harriet 10/07/06
06-18 Gest, McCulloch, Pietsch, Rickards I am looking for Jessie Louise (McCulloch) RICKARDS .

In 1930, she lived in Honolulu with her husband Sidney Allen Rickards, her sister Florence Pietsch , the wife of Charles Pietsch, and her parents David McCulloch and Jessie Gest McCulloch. I believe she died after 1950. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Carol 10/07/06
06-17 Awana, Honolulu Orphanages (1940) I am looking for records for an orphanage my mother grew up in. She was placed there by a court order. Her name was Mildred McDermott Awana . Russell 10/07/06
06-13 Madera, Morris Frank Hoopii Morris ....Born 6/20,1890 Died 1956 burried at Punchbowl. Married to Cozy M. Madera Thomas 10/07/06
06-11 Lindsey, Rowland ALOHA! I am trying to locate my birth mother, Marylane LINDSEY (maiden name), and any of her other children. As of 1973, she lived on the island of Oahu. Marylane gave birth to me in San Diego, CA in 1963 when she was 28 yrs old. Her married name at the time was Marylane ROWLAND (I guess she was born in 1935 & would be about 71 now). The last name ROWLAND is the only name I have on my original birth certificate. I was given (hanai-ed) to her cousin to be raised, and I've only seen Marylane twice in my life - Once in 1969 & again in 1973--both times in Oahu, HI.

I know I have at least two older sisters (one's named Janie) and one younger brother (Robert). I met them on my first visit to my birth mother's home in 1969, but the memory is vague. There may possibly be more--I believe Marylane also had twins, but they died in a fire before I was born. It is very important that I find a link with my birth family so I can correct my name on my birth certificate. I would GREATLY appreciate any & all information anyone can provide. MAHALO!
Shirl 06/24/06
06-09 Fernandez Looking for information on my great grandfather, John Jack Fernandez . Born on Molokai, Maui and was a deputy sheriff for 32 years. In mid-1920's he and family maybe moved to Oahu where he served out his duties as a police officer. Would like any info on how I may get documents on him and any cost. MAHALO NUI LOA! KU I KA PONO! Viewer 05/20/06
06-08 Hayashi, Miller Looking for information on Miller Family. Changed last name from Hayashi during the 1940's Mark 05/20/06
06-07 Sanchez Looking for information on Escolastico Sandchez who immigrated from the Philippines about 1923. He is listed in Ewa district in the 1930 U.S. Census. He is said to have died in 1937. Any suggestions on sources or help in locating information would be greatly appreciated. Warren 04/23/06
06-06 Kowalski Looking for information on Adam Kowalski , US Army Master Sergeant WW2, stationed at Schoefield Barracks.

Julia Kowalski, Adam's daughter, immigrated to US around 1939; had a child Sept. 1939 in Pearl City; disappeared around 1942 or so.

Theodore Kowalski, Julia's son, born Sept. 1939; adopted by Adam Kowalski in 1942. Any information available would be helpful.
Jennifer 04/23/06
06-05 Halemano, Kauwe, Nomara, Sakata John Halemano was born 09 Oct 1916 in Hawaii, died Sep 1983, Ewa Beach, Hawaii. He married:
  1. Edith Toshiye Sakata ,
    daughter of Kosaku Sakata and Umeyo Nomara . She was born 17 Jun 1917 in Honolulu, Hawaii, and died 21 May 1949 in Honolulu, Hawaii
  2. Elaine Rena Kauwe
    born 27 May 1914 Hawaii, and died 18 Sep 1981 in Ewa Beach, Hawaii.
1930 Census parents Harry & Caroline Halemano. Siblings:
  • Caroline
  • Harry
  • Kalai
  • Stanley
  • Dahlia
  • Adam
Carrie 03/04/06
06-03 Engeman Hello from Texas. My mom's brother committed suicide while they lived with their father who was a U.S. custom's agent. My g-father lived in Honolulu from the 1930's to 1955. This may have occurred in the early 40's. I am unable to find anything on my uncle who was Norbert Edwin Engeman , Jr. Thanks. Denise 1/31/06
05-20 Alameda, Machado, Marciel, Marshall, Oliveira The current family line that I'm researching includes two brothers that came from the Azores, JOSEPH TEIXEIRA MACHADO (born: 1866) and MARSELINO TEIXEIRA MACHADO (born: 1860). They immigrated between 1880 and 1883. I don't know if they came together.

Joseph settled in the Oakland, Calif. area pretty much all his life.

Marselino bounced back and forth between Oakland and Honolulu. He worked as a teamster, including owning People's Express (drayage) for several years in Honolulu. He was married to HENRIETTA AUGUSTA MARCIEL . They had two sons and a daughter. One son, MARSELINO T. MARSHALL , lost one of his legs when another driver for People's Express ran over him with a wagon. He died in 1915. The other son, WILLIAM WALTER MARSHALL, died 1929/30 after being bitten on the hand and contracting blood poisoning. The daughter was named ADELINE MARSHALL. I really don't know much about her at all. She died sometime in the latter part of 1901, shortly after giving birth to her son, BENITO OLIVEIRA , Jr.

All of Marselino's three children were born in the Kingdom of Hawaii, near as I can figure. Last thing to note is that MT, Jr. is buried in King Street Cemetery with someone named MARY ALAMEDA . The index lists her as being born in 1838, so its obviously not a spouse. Perhaps a grandmother?
Robert 12/08/05
05-19 Evans, Silva I am looking for information on my Grandfather who was born in 1894 on Kauai. His name was Jack Edward Silva or John Edward Silva. He later married Frances Evans and they resided in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii. I would also like to find out his parents names Mona 12/08/05
05-17 Kelly I'm looking for any information on Lorna Thelma Kelly , born Nov. 4, 1939 in Honolulu. Don't know parents names, so maybe a birth announcment? Possible that father was in the military. Any help appreciated. Thanks! Kate 12/08/05
05-14 Kalow I am searching for my grandfather's roots, he was born 1/15/1888. I only have his father's name as Maro Kalow . Ruben 10/23/05
05-08 Camello My husband would like some information about his grandfather who lived in Honolulu (or other places in Hawai'i?). He does not recall his name but his son, Benjamin Camello , died in Honolulu in 1996 and buried in Nuuanu Memorial park (brother of his father, Roy Ancheta Camello.)

We do not have any other information as my husband's mom and dad moved to California in 1966. If you could give us more information about his grandfather, it would be greatly appreciated.
Joanna 7/15/05
05-04 d'Arruda, de Medeiros, Ramos I am looking for information on the following family members: Maria Jose d'Arruda immigrated to Honolulu in 1883 on the ship Abergeldie from the Azores (Sao Miguel). She was 14 at the time and came with her parents, Antonio Braz d'Arruda and Antonia Julia de Medeiros .

I have information that she married John Souza Ramos in Waimea on the Big Island. Where or how can I get a record or documentation of this marriage? I want to verify that this is the same John Ramos that was on the same ship Abergeldie. I have accessed the passport registrations to this ship.

Once married, it appears Mary Arruda Ramos had her own photography studio. We have family photos with print on the back that says: "M. J. Ramos, Photographer, portraits and views, 83(?) Fort Street, Honolulu " The era is about 1892.

We would love to get more information on this. Can anyone help or direct us as to where to search? Mary and John had a daughter, my husband's grandmother, Lydia. She was born in 1888 in Honolulu. We have tried obtaining a birth certificate from the HI Dept of Health in Honolulu without success. Any suggestions? As they were Portuguese immigrants we were thinking of checking Catholic churches for baptism records.

Lastly we have found records that state the father of Mary A. Ramos is buried in Kalihi, Honolulu. His name is Antonio Braz d'Arruda 1839-1911. We are also looking for burial information for his wife Antonia de Medeiros d'Arruda (1840-1911). We did look in some cemeteries in that area while visiting in March 2005, without success. We would like to verify the death information and gravesites. Thank you for your interest and possibly your help.
Kareen 6/25/05
05-03 Bray, Dusson DUSSON, Lydia Maunahina place of birth: Hana, Maui, HI c.1889-93 m: BRAY, David K. in Honolulu, HI

I am looking for any official papers or info about the DUSSON family that lived in Hana and/or Kaupo, Maui, HI during the late 1800's through the early 1900's. Lydia married David K. Bray in Honolulu, HI and they had 6 kids. Am hoping to find birth certificates. Lydia Dusson was my grandmother. She died in 1957 or 1958. DOB October 13, (that was the exact day), between 1889-1893. I think '89 is closer...mahalo.
Ward 6/25/05
05-01 Dodson Floyd Miles DODSON died 5 Sep 1962 and he is buried at Mililani Cemetery. Is there anyone on this list that could assist me by phoning or going to this cemetery to see if his wife Elizabeth Anne is buried beside him and if so, getting her birth/death dates and checking with the cemetery office or funeral home for list of survivors. He was a member of Olivet Baptist Church. Jackie 2/20/05
00-12 Chun, Wong Seeking any info on Yuk Ngau WONG born abt 1890, died 1950 in Honolulu. She was married to Say Cho CHUN and had nine children. Lived in Kalihi on Leilani Street. Michael 04/27/00
00-10 Logsdon, Sternberg Hello, I'm researching the life of my mother, Pauline (Logsdon ) Sternberg and her husband, Lloyd V. Sternberg , when they lived and worked in Honolulu in the 1940s; specifically, she worked at: The Motor Coach Cafe on Hotel St. in Honolulu and at the YMCA about 1941. They lived at 250 S. Hotel St. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who knows if these two businesses still exist, and if they are in the same locations. He was in the U.S. Navy and they were in Honolulu at the time Pearl Harbor was attacked. Maribette 04/02/00
00-3 Kahakalau, Kakanui Seeking any record or contact source regarding my grandfather: William (Kahanui ?) KAHAKALAU . My father's birth cert. states grandfather born in Honolulu. I estimate abt 1893, based upon grandfather's death cert which states he was 62 at time of death (Feb. 1949 ). There is no date of birth on any documents and parents are listed on death cert as unknown.

Tutu told my mother he was from Kalihi-he said he lived with his grandmother. Tutu was a musician, he had a beautiful singing voice, played several instruments and taught music (in Boston) Tutu left the Islands abt 1914 (I could be off several years on this). My Uncle, his first child, was born in Boston in Feb.1917, so allowing for a marriage to take place a little before that in the states, it's for sure Tutu KAHAKALAU was here in 1916 (at least). Any information I can obtain from this posting would be so greatly appreciated. Mahalo.
Joan 01/27/00
99-16 Wilson Any information regarding Cuthbert Burns Wilson , Sr., born July 10, 1902 in Honolulu, Hawaii and/or his son, Cuthbert Burns Wilson, Jr., born January 3, 1925 in Makaweli, Kauai. Terry 10/24/99
99-15 Grammont Looking for marriage record of Frank GRAMMONT and unknown female on Oahu/Honolulu in 1935. He was enlisted US Army stationed at Fort Rudger. We are hoping to find our half-sister from this marriage. Lorae 10/24/99
99-9 Cochran, McDonald, McVeagh, White I am looking for information on my son's g-grandfather, Tom MC VEAGH , who was a printer and a publisher in Honolulu HI. He published a newspaper, the New Freedom , in the early part of the 20th century. He was also supposed to have been quite active in Democratic politics.

Tom was born in Scotland. His wife, Rebecca COCHRAN , was born in Ireland. Their daughter, Elizabeth MC VEAGH, married 1) Alexander MC DONALD (b. about 1900 in Ceylon) and 2) Eugene "Gene" WHITE , who was a "crooner" on a local Hawaiian radio station during the 1930s.
Harriette 02/15/99
99-7 Weaver Spencer and Clifton Weaver came to Honolulu right after WWII and start a company known as SpenceCliff . They were my cousins (both now dead) and would like more information about them. SpenceCliff built hotels and resturants. Spencer's last known address was on Diamond Head. He had a daughter Star. Clifton married Daisy ? in Hawaii. Does anyone know anything about this family? Susan 02/03/99
98-9 Guerreiro, Luka Researching the LUKA family from North Kohala/Kawaihae on the Big Island and from Waialua on Oahu. Also researching the GUERREIRO family from Waialua and Ewa. I have quite a bit of information about the Guerreiro family, but am sorely lacking info on the Luka family. Mahalo nui loa. Larry 11/19/98
98-7 Nobriga John Manuel Nobriga born in Oahu on May 10, 1910. One known sibling, an older brother Ernest. Parents names were Manuel and Julia. They came from Madiera, Portugal at unknown date. Looking for any information about John, who is my husband's father, as well as any information about his parents or family. Scarlett 05/07/98
98-2 Iselin, Matthewman Hello my name is Bill. My father's sister Frieda J (Iselin ) MATTHEWMAN was the widow of Judge Albert Matthewman in Hawaii for years. Perhaps someone knew her as she taught high school for years in Honolulu. I know nothing about the Judge and would appreciate anything you might have to share. Aloha! Bill 01/23/98
97-24 Butzke I am looking for info on the BUTZKE family. Arrived in Honolulu County abt. 1898. Brothers Charlie and Herman came over from the mainland to find work. Believe Charlie worked as a plumber on Iolani Palace. Charlie had 3 sons while in Hawaii, Albert, Herbert, and John Butzke. Looking for info in Charlie and Herman's parents from Germany, or any info on the family while in Hawaii. Kimberly 11/25/97
97-22 Buckwood, Cummins, Fitzsimmons Looking for info on descendants of Vincent M. & Emma (BUCKWOOD ) FITZSIMMONS . Vincent was born in NY and shipped from New London, CT on a whaler in 1851. (His parents and the majority of his family migrated to Hillsdale Co., Mich. in 1837) In 1853 he left the ship in Hawaii. He was editor/owner of the Honolulu Gazette. Vincent M. & Emma Fitzsimmons had three children: Arthur, Lydia, and Vincent. Lydia married TP CUMMINS and they resided in Honolulu. Their children were John, Thomas, Raplee, Moslee, Alvin, Wood, and an infant b. ca.1912. Nancy 11/06/97
97-15 Clark, Pemberton, Woolsey Looking for information on Mary Elizabeth Woolsey CLARK . gr.grandmother Honolulu area starting around 1840 is the information we have..abt. 1840 Brother John PEMBERTON married Malekuli? Their daughter, Eliza Pemberton married William George WOOLSEY aprox 1860? Their daughter Mary Elizabeth Woolsey, married my gr.grandfather David Wilson Clark..Newspaper "The Friend"; April 1880 gives date as April 8, this city by the Rev. H.H. Parker. Does anyone have any information on WOOLSEY, PEMBERTON, CLARK? Please E-mail and thanks for your help. David 06/13/97
97-14 Alpenfels, Mitchell, Rice I am looking for info on my GG Grandparents and their decendentes: Charles James MITCHELL (b. Nov 1872/England) and Isabella RICE (b. Nov 1876/Hawaii) He emmigrated to Hawaii in 1894 and was a Customs Employee per 1900 census. Married 30 Nov 1898 in Honolulu. They had at least three children: Albert MITCHELL (Oct 1895), Olga H. MITCHELL (Dec 1897) and John MITCHELL (Sept 1899). Olga married William Francis ALPENFELS on 19 June 1916 in Honolulu and had one child (my Grandfather) Donald William ALPENFELS (b. 21 Dec 1918/Portland, OR) Olga & William divorced in June 1923. Olga was never heard from again. My G Grandfather remarried. Any information on Olga or her relations would be greately appreciated. Valerie 06/11/97
97-13 Falke, Greene Arthur Albert GREENE and Gretvhen A. FALKE were married in 1917 and lived in Hawaii from 1919 to after 1934. Arthur was a lawyer and in 1934 Arthur was given post in Secretary of the Territory of Hawaii. Arthur Albert was a city editor for newspaper in Honolulu before 1919, Gretchen A. FALK was grand daughter of owner of copra plantations in HI. Any help would be very kind of you. Arthur is my great uncle. Did they have children? When did they die and where? Thank you. 14 Jan 2016 additional information has been added. Kathleen 06/05/97
97-11 Luck Searching for information in Honolulu about Robert "Lucky" LUCK . Was a Marine in WWII and an entertainer in Honolulu. Played in several episodes of Hawaii 5-0 in the past. Any help would be appreciated. He was the emcee for Don Ho back in the 60's when Don was with the Aliis at Duke's. Any information would be most helpful. Steve 04/28/97
97-9 Tazawa I am searching for relatives with the surname TAZAWA . The main person would have a link to Yvonne (Youvonne) Tazawa. She should have been around 20 or 30 years of age in 1946. She had a daughter, Lynda C. in May of 1946. Contact me for more information. Kim 03/19/97
97-5 Bernard, Mattos, Seegers, Silva I am just getting started on research in Hawaii. Names I'm looking for so far are as follows: SILVA -Honolulu, MATTOS -Honolulu, both from Portugal. BERNARD -unknown what county or where immigrated from, but told is Portuguese. SEEGERS -unknown, also told is Portuguese. Known to have been in HI in 1920...can't find any sooner. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Kathy 01/28/97
97-1 Holck, Lee, Pokeo Peter Lee was manager of the Volcano House from 1891-1898. Peter Lee came from Norway to Punaluu, Hawaii. Jacob Martinius Holck came from Bergen, Norway to Honolulu than Punaluu, Hawaii. Mary Ann Pokeo was a native Hawaiian. Any information would be very much appreaciated. Robert 01/12/97

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