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Carol Sherer (ccsherer@aol.com)
Date: 28 Jul 2001

Looking for information on the John Dodd family. John Dodd who married Teresa Carroll B. 1864 in green Co. Wi. They were living in Fargo N.D. in 1905

Carol Sherer Carol Sherer
Date: 28 Jul 2001

Looking for information on John Doyle born in Co. Sligo and married (Helena? Kelene) Carroll of Green Co. Wi. in 1882. His residence at that time was Fargo N.D.

Submitter: Nancy (calgar@netusa1.net)
Date: 26 Jul 2001

Looking for info & decendants of Franklin "Frank " Bennett, married Ida May Jackson in Kokomo, Indiana in 1894. Children were Homer, Maude, Jolly Lee, Mablr, Madge, Wlbur, Harold & May.

Submitter: Tim Bode (TimBode@juno.com)
Date: 22 Jul 2001
URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~timbode

I am looking for any information about Henry and Mary TIETGENS. I believe that both are buried at Riverside Cemetery, Fargo. Mary died April 27, 1940, and Henry died earlier. Mary was born on December 20,1875. They were married on July 13, 1894 at Fargo. I am also looking for information about Mary's parents, William and Henrietta OSCHWALD. I don't know if they every lived in the Fargo area or not.

Submitter: Ralph Roggenbuck (fezz900r@email.com)
Date: 21 Jul 2001
URL: http://aeon-toys.go2click.com/custom.html

I am going to try to do an article for possible publication on the existing rural churchs of Cass/ Richland/Ransom counties of North Dakota! All denominations to be included, Please help! I know of Herby, West Prairie, St Peter/Paul, & Helendale Lutheran, Bethel, Cannan, & Goshen Moravian, Barry Congregational, & St. Benedict Catholic Churches! Any help -- more information or other churches that I am not familiar with is appreciated!
Any histories or stats of any kind on the mentioned churches will also be appreciated! !Thanks everyone!! just rjR The best way to contact me is email ---fezz900r@email.com--

Surnames: WISEHART
Submitter:Jeff Goff
Date: 26 July 2001
Searching for information on a Dr. Otto M. Wisehart. In my GG Grandmother's obit in March 1946, it lists him as a brother, residing in Fargo. He shows up on trees, but little else is known of him. He would have been in his late 70s, early 80's in 1946. Wondering if an obituary exists for him. Was he married ? Children ? Etc. Thanks, Jeff

Submitter: Tom Duncan (tomduncan@bia.gov)
Date: 11 Jul 2001

Looking for information on Loretta Agnes O'Malley born in Minnesota January 1900. Parents Patrick and Sarah O'Malley. Lived in Fargo as a young girl through the 1920 census.

Submitter: Donald E. Swanson (maconwad@earthlink.net)
Date: 08 Jul 2001

I am looking for descendants of Carl Berger Brag of VŠrš, Halland, Sweden b. 18 July 1883. Another cousin states that we are all descended from Carl Magnus Nilsson b. 1786 and Johanna Andersdotter b. 1787. Other Brag siblings to Carl, at a minimum, include Olga Christina and Einar Arvid. From SSDI there may have also been a Albert as a sibling or cousin. Carl apparently passed away in Grandin, Cass County, ND in 1970 according to SSDI. Those of my generation would be fourth cousins if I have it figured correctly.

Katherine Lackie (Longhurst) (dogsrus@surenet.net)
Date: 08 Jul 2001

Hi I am researching the Longhurst family tree and I need some help if possible to find out if a family by the John Longhurst whose wife was Ann Whitley if they possibly settled in this area or in the Kenyon area any info would be greatly appreciated this is for genealogy purposesJohn was bornin 1745 in Mulmur twp in Ontario but since 1871 census there has been no trace as to where they went. Thanks Katherine Lackie (LOnghurst) dogsrus@surenet.net


Submitter: Clyde
Date:27 June 2001

I am trying to get a marriage certificate for Lloyd Dally and Iva Glen Benedix who were possibly married at Cass County on November 18,1920. It may be possible they married at Carrington,ND.

Submitter: Robin Fukano (rpfukano@hotmail.com)
Date: 23 Jun 2001

RICE E JACKSON born November 25, 1863 Nordfjord, Norway married to RACHEL EIDE born June 21, 1876 Norway Children: Orla Jackson Ringman born October 18, 1900 ND Lillian Jackson VanIderstine born Jun 30,1902 ND Harold Theodore Jackson born Jul 23,1905 Fargo,ND Bertha J. Jackson Greene born Jan 26, 1907 ND Martha Lenora Jackson Leaf b. Apr14,1911 Everett, WA Spencer Benjamin Jackson born Dec14,1913 Everett, WA Elsie Jackson Sheraton born Oct 2, 1916 EverettWA Iām trying to obtain Rice & Rachel's parentsā names, place of birth for Rachel, date(s) they came to America, when they were Naturalized, when they were married· Also any information on the children and their families would be very helpful. Thanks, Robin

Submitter: mary davis (marydavis5@hotmail.com)
Date: 23 Jun 2001
A friend would like to know if the former Trinty Lutheran Church buiding is still standing in Amenia, Cass County, North Dakota. If it is still in existence how is the buidling being used today? Where could he obtain photographs of the building as a church and as it now. Thank you. Mary Davis

Submitter: Judy Hassall (rhassall@axion.net)
Date: 04 Jun 2001

I am looking for descendants of this family. I am not sure if the wife is correct.
Descendants of Alexander McCannell
1 Alexander McCannell 1849 - 1900 b: May 1849 in Upper Canada d: Aft. 1900 .. +Marie Lamur m: Bef. 1876 *2nd Wife of Alexander McCannell: .. +Anjenik Pisimdawate - 1895 b: in Canada m: August 07, 1876 in Campbell's Bay, Quebec d: Bet. 1895 - 1900 .
2 John McCannell 1879 - 1969 b: February 1879 in Canada d: September 1969 in Billings, Montana, USA . 2 Roy McCannell 1883 - b: December 1883 in North Dakota, USA . 2 Russel McCannell 1885 - b: October 1885 in North Dakota, USA . 2 Mabel McCannell 1887 - b: August 1887 in North Dakota, USA . 2 Florence McCannell 1889 - b: July 1889 in North Dakota, USA . 2 Earl McCannell 1895 - 1972 b: October 09, 1895 in North Dakota, USA d: December 1972 in Fargo, North Dakota, USA ..... +Ella ??? 1890 - 1982 b: July 22, 1890 in North Dakota, USA d: July 1982 in Fargo, North Dakota, USA ..... 3 Harold McCannell 1914 - 1976 b: December 29, 1914 d: September 1976 .....
3 Mary McCannell 1922 - b: Abt. 1922

Submitter: Shaaron Grogan-Sheahan (sheahas@myfamily.com)
Date: 03 Jun 2001

I noticed that there is a cemetery transcription for a "SHEEHAN" # 53, in Volume 1. How do I access the transcription? I am looking for the death of a "SHEAHAN", first name possibly JAMES. It is a long story in the family and no one is sure of which of the seven men went to North Dakota, only that one of them died and was buried in the state possibly in the 1930-1950 period.

Surnames: WIDMEYER
Submitter: Sandy Holder(sholder@itd.state.id.us)
Date: 30 May 2001

I am looking for information on James Lionel Widmeyer. He was placed in a mental hospital in North Dakota. I believe in died in March of 1966.

Marsha L. Brownlee (brownlee@bendcable.com)
Date: 20 May 2001

I am looking for information on how to locate the gravesite of Anna Swanson. Born in Iceland between 1885-1889, lived in Fargo, and died there between 1973-1975. She had one son, Dewitt Michael Brownlee. She was a Lutheran by faith so may be buried in one of the Lutheran Cemetaries in the Fargo area.

Submitter: Miranda Strickland (miranda2617@hotmail.com)
Date: 06 May 2001

Hi, I'm looking for family belonging to William John PETERS. William was from Germany, he married Betsy Nelson, and they moved to North Dakota (somewhere near Fargo, along the Red River). They have 7 children, including my great grandmother Dora Annie who was born July 20, 1885. Her siblings inlcuded James, Louis, Edward, Helma, Lily, & Florence. Sometime between 1919 and Dora's birth, the family rlocated to Manitoba. It seems that a great flood of the river forced this move. (In manitoba Dora meet and married Thomas Richard Penney.) If anyone has any information on this family, particulary the Peters it would be greatly appreciated. The smallest and most insignificant detail is a great help.

Submitter: Larry Monson(larrymonson@mindspring.com)
Date: 03 May 2001

Joseph Abraham Monson born Jan 17, 1910 in Cass county to Edith Grace Coughtrey(maiden name) I am looking for any birth record showing the fathers name. Edith was new immigrant from London England. Joe was my father and I would like to know what my father's fathers name was and any information about him.

Submitter: Deedee Frame<(ddframe@aol.co,)
Date: 29 Apr 2001

Would like to find information on one of Fargo's first pioneering families: John (J.J.) and Christiana (Billmeyer) and their children. They left their native Montour County, PA in the early 1850s, settled for a short time in Michigan, where at least two of their children were born. By 1861, they were in Osage, Iowa. Some, perhaps all of the family, left Iowa and arrived in Fargo in 1881. Carpenters by trade, the Bowers remained in Fargo, where they built many of Fargo's buildings. Would like to find out details of their lives.

Submitter: Charles McKelvey (cmckel9043@aol.com)
Date: 28 Apr 2001

I am searching for ANY information on the family of I.A. or J.A. HENRY (initials appear both ways for same individual and given name unknown). He was married to my gg-aunt, FLORENCE R. HUNTER November 19, 1882 in Henry County, Illinois. She was born July 31, 1864 in Henry or Bureau County, IL. According to the obituary of her mother, they were in Fargo, ND in 1922. Family records show they had 2 sons, CLELL HENRY and LALE HENRY. I am unsure of spelling or full names for these. Any information on this family is appreciated.

Submitter: Tracey Williams (sk2tw@aol.com)
Date: 25 Apr 2001

Looking for info on my grandfather Leo DeForest PUTNAM,b.Feb 25, 1890 in Fargo. He was the son of George Fletcher PUTNAM and Estelle STEWARD.I'm trying to determine WHEN George moved to Fargo, and for how long. They ended up in Jamestown, NY. Were there other family members (PUTNAM's) in Fargo? Why did they move all that distance? Any info greatly appreciated.

Submitter: Linda Himmerich Flattinger(la.flatt@verizon.net)
Date: 23 Apr 2001

I am searching for information on my grandmother's sister, Barbara Wiekum Krieger. She was b.1893 and d.1956 in Cass Co. She was married to Jacob Krieger Sr. who was b.1891 and d. 1961 also in Cass Co.

Jim Holman(jmholman@bellsouth.net)
Date: 21 Apr 2001

Looking for information on my grandfather John HOLMAN. According to his death certificate he had lived in Fargo, Cass County, ND for 20 years until his death in 1941. His occupation was a merchant and owned his own business. The person supplying the certificate information was Art Wanderlich. My grandfathers street address is listed as 841 NP Avenue in Fargo. The event leading to his death was an automobile accident 8/19/41 in Everest, Cass County, ND. He spent 4 days in St. John's Hospital before his death. I hope to fill in this big gap with my grandfather some. Any information, no matter how small will be appreciated.

Submitter: BE Powell(vicandbonnie@yahoo.com)
Date: 13 Apr 2001

Looking for information on the North Dakota Children's Home Society of Fargo. Is it still in operation? Where can I write for records? Thank you.

Submitter: Bonnie Powell (vbpowell@usa.net)
Date: 13 Apr 2001

Looking for information on Anna Osmundson who lived in Cass County in Sept of 1927. Gave birth to son George on Sept. of 1927. He was later adopted by Kromer family.

Submitter: Moi
Date: 05 Apr 2001

I'm looking for any information about Christian Frederick MOERKE married to Rosalie RUHNKE. They lived in Blanchard for sure in 1898 when their twin daughters Pearl & Violet were born. They could have been there as early as 1890. Both parents were born in Germany and lived awhile in Michigan before going to North Dakota. Can anyone help with a lead on these people? Thank you. Moi

Surnames: PAULSON
Submitter: Donna Thompson (drtoxford@juno.com)
28 Mar 2001

Was there ever and is there still a Dunseith hospital/TB sanatorium \ or nursing school in the Cass County area? I'm told Marien PAULSON went to school or worked as a nurse there circa 1928-1932

Submitter: Joyce Benjamin (Benji2@Chorus.net)
Date: 24 Mar 2001

I am searching for information about my grandparents: James Starley Strain and Ethel Wilson DeVoss Strain who lived in rural Page area. How do I secure original or copies of their death certificates?

Submitter: Ronald Nolte(rnolte@powerbank.net)
Date:19 Mar 2001

Information in regards to a George Korzendorfer, thought to have died in 1935 and buried in Fargo. He never married. Born in Germany about 1872 or 1873. Worked as farm laborer in the Fargo area. He is my GG Uncle. Thank you

Submitter: Joan K. LeVeque (jleve10494@aol.com)
Date: 13 Mar 2001

I am looking for members of the Rife (Rief) family that lived in Cass Co., some in Sheldon. Maurice Rife born 23 Feb 1850 in Canada and married Elizabeth Jane Troyer, son David Benjamin born 1898 in Cass Co. ND married 1919 to Gertrude Koetz. Any info would be helpful. Joan of Michigan jleve10494@aol.com

Submitter: Linda Carey Schultz(timestone@aol.com)
Date: 13 Mar 2001
URL: http://hometown.aol.com/timestone/myhomepageheritage.html

I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, Mary O'Riordan Carey Galvin, mother of Mrs. Walter A. Haskins(Kate). The Haskins lived of Page, ND in the early 1900's. Mary died while visiting them in 1924.

Surnames: LOCKARD
Submitter: Larry Lockard (Larry@Lockard.org)
Date: 06 Mar 2001

Looking for information on Great Grandparents. Last name is Lockard. Supposed to be buried in a cemetary in Tower City, ND. Anyone around there know of any Lockards buried around there? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Larry

Submitter: Helga Kallevik (helga.kallevik@c2i.net)
Date: 02 Mar 2001

I am looking for information and descendants of Christoffer Rasmusson Engvik born 1845 in Norway and emigrated to Minnesota in 1872. In 1887 he settled in Richland County ND(BLM record)and in 1910 in Ward County ND. I know he had at least 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. I am know wondering if Annie Engvik born in 1882 Morton ND and married to Edwin MCBAIN in Fargo Cass County in 1905 could be his daughter ?

Surnames: CALDWELL
Submitter: Ronrpatrick@niagara.com
Date: 28 Feb 2001

Cass County Andrew Caldwell family, came to Dakota Territory in 1881 or so. Interested in this family and any relations. They emigrated from Hibbert Twp., Perth County Ontario.

Submitter: Mona Davis
Date: 27 Feb 2001
Trying to find information on my grandfather, Peder Moen. He was born 1840 in Norway. He moved from Houston Co. Mn in late 1800's to ND, along with his second wife Oline Johnson. The information I have is he died Oct 1913, Warren, Cass Co. ND. Would like to know if there were children born to Peder and Oline, and anything else about this family. Mona

Submitter: Audrey E. Connelly Andrus
Date: 22 Feb 2001

I am looking for Lewis E. DEAN and his wife, Elizabeth A. HANNAH CONNELLY DEAN. I believe they may be in the Fargo area in about 1908-1918. It is possible that Lewis E. DEAN died in Cass County. If anyone has any information on this family I would appreciate hearing from you. Gertie Hannah, a niece, may have been living with them. Thank you.

Surnames: SOUTH
Submitter: Merle R. Price
Date: 19 Feb 2001

Searching for any SOUTH family connections in Cass county, around Casselton in the 1800s

Submitter:Tom Healy
Date: 30 Jan 2001
Trying to locate decendants of Cornelius and Margaret Healy

Surnames: CHAMBER
Submitter: Betty Ramage
Date: 30 Jan 2001

FARGO POLICE OFFICER: Husbands grandfather was a Police officer in Fargo 1900-1908 I was wondering if there might be a personel record for him in the files? and would this be something I could send for. Thank You for checking for me. John William Chambers b. 1857, perhaps this record may have place of birth, family etc

Submitter: Karen M. Tuneberg
Date: 30 Jan 2001

I am researching two major surnames in Cass county currently, with many other branches, names, Einar Olsen (Midsundstad) Tuneberg, and Ole Olsen (Midsundstad) Tuneberg, AND then, Moen, the only name I know currently was my grandmother Dorothea Moen Tuneberg. However, there is verbal discussion of two other daughters emigrating, that there is no documentation of. Supposedly they married quickly to two brothers from the Forgo-Moorhead area. A total dead end, since I don't even know their surnames here. Grandfathers sisters were Anna, Hannah, Emma, Karen, Marte', and one other not known right now. I have documentation of Karen and Marte' dying and being buried in Norway, so it is the other four probably Olsdatters???? I am looking for. Also, there is a cousin of mine that I found whose mother, my fathers sister, who refuses to talk about the family, was described by my father as his adopted sister. There is some question as to whether or not this child may have been the child of one of my grandfathers sisters, unmarried at the time. He stated he has learned she was born in a "home" in SW Minnesota, with the mother listed as not married, and the fathers name nameless. Does anyone know of a place in South Western Minn, approx around the years of 1905 to 1915, she was older than my father born in 1916. She would then have returned to ND. I am also looking for a book, somewhat titled "The History of Cass County" perhaps for a centennial or major celebration. This book contained quite a few writeups by some descendants of my uncle, and I was told about it, but cannot find the book with this limited information. The one relative that I know was listed in detail was my great uncle Ole Olsen Tuneberg, last of Kindred, ND, who apparently owned some land, but never farmed, a store in town, and served one term in the ND Senate or House. If anyone knows of this book I would be most enormously grateful if they could send me the name and author, and possibly the ISBN no. I also need to state that my grandmother Tuneberg's surname is occasionally listed as Moen-Espestol or Espestol-Moen, I can find no reason for that name or any data on it anywhere. Was she perhaps married previously? I don't know, and there is no one else in the few remaining family that have even heard of it. Mystery! Thank you, takk, Karen M. Tuneberg aka Kricketkat2@yahoo.com

Submitter: Marilyn Galoff
Date: 10 Jan 2001

I am looking for information on Michael A. SMITH. Was born in Campbell Co, KY, Moved to Pepin Co, WI , sometime after the Civil War with his family. He married Celestia J. INGERSOLL, 15 Nov 1877, in Pepin Co, WI. In a brothers obituary, he is listed as living in Fargo, ND, in 1924. Unknown if he lived in the city of Fargo, or in the county of Cass County. His parents were David G. and Elizabeth HIGBY SMITH.

Submitter: Deedee Frame
Date: 08 Jan 2001

I am looking for information on the family of John Bowers (b. 1830-31), carpenter, who was found residing with his family in the 1885 North Dakota Census. Listed in Cass County, Fargo City, were he and his wife, Christiana (b. 1832); sons Charles (b.1854), Henry (b. 1859), Cyrus, (b. 1862); and daughter, Ina M. (b. 1870). John and Christiana were born in Montour County, PA; their children, probably in Iowa. (The oldest may have been born in Michigan.) Thank you.

Submitter:Donna Thompson
Date:03 Jan 2001

Looking for two brothers of Nels and Abel THOMPSON who took a surname that sounded like "Etzel" when they immigrated from Norway to U.S. in 1847-1850 and eventually settled in the Fargo/Moorhead area. We have reason to believe the surname may have been spelled IDTSE or ITDSE or EIDSVOLD; they would have been born abt 1810-1825. We know neither of their given names. They settled in the Fargo/Moorhead area at least from 1900 to 1917 and probably much before and after that period. During that time they visited several times with nephew Nels THOMPSON (jr) in Wadena County. Brother Nels THOMPSON's death registration in Fillmore County, MN lists parents as Nels and Anna Thompson.

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