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Wed Jun 9 13:14:04 1999

Looking for descendents of Elvin B. and Beatrice Benson. They had 4 children Elvin Jr., Phyllis, Beverly and James. If you have any information please email me.


Irene Schaaf
13 June 1999

Searching for anything on Janice DODD. Daughter of Elsie and Leonard DODD. Born CA:1948 in Detroit Lakes,MN area. CA: 1950 she and her siblings were placed at the Fargo Childrens Village for adoption. Brother Leroy anxious to locate her.


Sheri Baker
Tue Jun 15 17:57:06 1999

Looking for information on Andrew Menser and Martha Bliss. Martha was Andrew's second wife whom he married in Pennsylvania. His first wife, Mary, died in Wisconsin. His adopted daughter was left to be raised by Mary's sisters.


Mary Taylor
Sat Jun 19 14:21:08 1999

Looking for any info or relations to Claus and Catherine Tiedeman. My greatgrandfather Claus was part owner of Tiedeman and Theis grainery in Fargo or Varona. If you know anything about this please write. Thanks.


Elisabeth Ernstrom
Fri Jul 9 15:56:56 1999

IÕm looking for information about my great grandparents KLAS WILHELM (born 1875) - and AUGUSTA CHARLOTTA ANDERSSON (born 1879. Her last name was KRAFT when she came to the U.S.A). They were both Swedish emigrants and lived in Kathryn, Cass county ND. They had two children, MALVINA (born 17 may 1905) and GLADYS VILHELMINA (born 9 sept. 1907), before they moved back to Sweden 1911-1912. If there is anybody who know something about them, please let me know! I would also like to know more about Kathryn.


mary wooledge gillen
Sun Jul 25 20:51:42 1999

I'm looking for any information I can get for Wooledges who were living in Cass county. I found a HENRY WOOLEDGE listed in a s.s.index. He died 3-1969. His address was listed as Fargo. He was born 8-8-1911. I am wondering if he is related to me somehow (my maiden name was Wooledge).


Rheba Massey
Wed Jul 28 10:16:47 1999

I have a baptism certificate for Merlyn Martha Berge, daughter of Albert and Adell Berge, born April 22, 1931 at Fargo, ND. Would like to send this to family members.

Rheba Massey
Local History Librarian
Fort Collins Public Library


Stan Wells Thu Jul 29 21:00:36 1999

I am looking for Matt Wagner and his wife, Louise Barr, both born around 1900. Their son, Clarence Edward Wagner, was born December 6, 1917, in Fargo, according to his marriage license when he wed Maybell Sensiba in Fort Peck, MT in July 1939.

Any help would be appreciated.


Don Van Arnam
Sat Jul 31 13:47:22 1999


Searching for info. on VAN ARNAM, GOFF and LAWRENCE families. Van Arnam family members moved from Illinois to Cass and Richland Counties in early to mid 1800s. Grandfather Jacob Van Arnam in 1883 married Mary Lawrence b. Canada. Father George Lawrence, mother Sarah Goff. Jacob and Mary VA had three children in ND in 1890s then moved to Oregon. Grandfather's brother Judge George Van Arnam married Mrs. Nettie Heath Knuppenburg. Also had brother Senator John van Arnam


Jean Porter
Thu August 12 1999

DENISON, Starr and Elmira: Would like to exchange information with anyone interested in this couple.


Submitter: Tpageup1@aol.com
Thu August 12 1999


I am looking for my husbands family. Francis (Frank) MORGAN b.? married Mary Agnes BALFE. Francis died 1932 and is buried in Page ND. Mary died 1901 in Minn. Their children: John Thomas, Mary Margaret (my husbands great grandmother), Annie Ellen, Catherine, Theresa, George Francis James, Elizabeth Agnes, Anastasia, Rose, James Edward, Francis Louise, and Josephine. All the children were born in Minn. but most were married and/or died in ND in the towns of Fargo, Page, Bismark, Beulah, and Sterling. Mary Margaret MORGAN married Charles MORTON in 1899 in Minn. Their children were all born in Driscoll and Colgate ND. I am told that their homestead was about 10 miles outside of Mandan ND. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated.


Submitter: Ann-Iren Thomassen anniren72@hotmail.com
Date: 17 Aug 1999


I am seaching for anchestors in Fargo, North Dakota. My great grandmothers sister and her husband, emmigrated from Lenvik in Troms, Norway, around the 1900. Their names are JOHANNA and ARTHUR JENSEN. I think JOHANNA was born 07.05.1882, and died in 1966. If anyone knows something aboute these two people, please let me know. Ann-Iren.


Submitter: jackie perry jlperry41@yahoo.com
Date: 23 Aug 1999

I am looking for any record of the birth of William Curtis MITCHELL Born about 1916 possably in Cass Co. ND That is all I know about him. trying to help a friend find info on her natural father who died in 1941 when she was just a baby. Anything will help thanks


Submitter: Karen Taylor KSTaylor16@aol.com
Date: 24 Aug 1999

LANG - I am searching for Nellie Lang (maiden Marie Grace Northfoss) who lived in Buffalo, Cass Co., ND in 1928 at age 34.


Submitter: Charles McCool mccooltrav@aol.com
Date: 15 Sep 1999
URL: http://members.aol.com/mccooltrav/rahist.html

Seeking information about Peter Rausch of North Dakota and Dilworth, Clay County, Minnesota. I found his listing in the SSDI database. I believe he was the brother of my great-grandmother, Josephine Rausch (born 1 May 1887). Peter Rausch appears on the 1910 Philadelphia city census, as the brother-in-law to Nicholos Schuler; Josephine is the wife. Peter is 22 years old on the census; Josephine is 23. The SSDI shows that Peter's card was issued in North Dakota before 1951. I imagine that he ventured to Fargo to signup or may have moved around. When he died, April 1982, his last residence was Dilworth ZIP-56560. I believe that he id not marry or have children. Any information about Peter Rausch or recommended resources for further research is greatly appreciated. Charles McCool McCoolTrav@aol.com


Submitter: Geri Gilbertson mailto:jrgil@aol.com
Date: 23 Sep 1999

 Looking for anything from Cass Co. on Egbert and Agnes Marie Gilbertson or Oline Hanson, her Mother that would give me a clue as to where in Norway they came from. I have a copy of Oline Hanson's naturalization papers that say she was born in 1843 in Norway and landed at the port of N.Y. in June, 1874. Added to her last name is Fatland, which I assume is the US version of the farm she came from in Norway. Egbert was born in March,1853,and Agnes in Jan., 1866. Haven't been able to find passenger list for them yet and have 1900 Census that says Egbert was Nat. citizen, but can't confirm. We also believe they were married in ND. Any ideas might send me in the right direction and would be appreciated.



Submitter: Bill Engelke wlengel@deltanet.com
Date: 25 Sep 1999

Searching for information on Harold H. Kirk. He was the Fargo Supertindent of Schools around 1935. Looking for family information and were he came from. Kirk is my wife's surname. Thanks for any help.


Submitter: Jim Johnson jimjoyce@juno.com
Date: 05 Oct 1999
URL: http://members.aol.com/jhjjcj/index.html

Hans Johnson FRETLAND, born 17 Dec 1857, Sogndal, Norway, emigrated to America 30 April 1858, married 7 March 1887, Moorhead,Clay County, Minn. to Helene Lena PETERSON, born 22 Apr 1858 Reiser, Norway. Hans Johnsons FRETLAND died at St. Lukes Hospital, Fargo, CASS COUNTY, North Dakota 10 July 1926. Lena Peterson FRETLAND died in Enderlin, Ransom County, North Dakota on 7 Jan 1944. Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings and descendants.


Ida Catherine FRETLAND, born 6 Oct 1887, Buffalo, CASS COUNTY, North Dakota, Buried 20 Dec 1955, Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Bruno, California. Seek exchange fo genealogical data on ancestors, siblings, spouse and descendants.


Elnora Josephine FRETLAND, born 25 Jun 1889, Buffalo, CASS COUNTY, North Dakota; died 31 Aug 1949, Enderlin, Ransom County, North Dakota ; married on 15 Feb 1915 to Harold Leonard LARSON . Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings, spouse, and descendants.



Artrur John FRETLAND, born 13 Nov 1891, Buffalo, CASS COUNTY, North Dakota; died 2 Aug 1949, Madison, Dane County, Wisc.; married 15 Oct 1917, to Olive Inanda OFSTETHUN . Seek exchange of genealogical data on ancestors, siblings, spouse and descendants .


Submitter: Alice Longhorn alice51357@yahoo.com
Date: 19 Oct 1999
URL: http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Resort/9862

 Family research, looking for any information on Herbert O. Catlett and Mildred D. Wilnerd who were married April 4, 1945 in Fargo. He was probably a traveling salesman/repairman of office supplies and equipment. Will pay postage and copy fees for any business or personal letters, invoices, etc. Thank you.


Submitter: Joyce Agee (JAgee111@aol.com)
Date: 24 Oct 1999

Looking for a Charles and Carman Mason born in about 1920 to a Lewis Alvin Mason from WI.Their mother died and Lewis went back to WI. Thanks Joyce


Submitter: Mary Taylor (dcmat@midwest.net)
Date: 26 Oct 1999

Looking for info on Claus Tiedeman m. Kate Petersen. They liven in the Varona/Fargo area before relocating to Detroit Lakes, MN. All of Kates family came from Germany and settled in Libson. Claus was a parntner in Tiedeman & Theis Grainery. He was also from Germany and settled in Fort Ransom area. He is burie in Pilgrims Rest cemetary at Varona.



Submitter: Linda Ashworth (ashworth@imine.net)
Date: 29 Oct 1999

I am looking for a grandmother named Adelaide Frances Hamilton born in Hunter ND on Feb. 27, 1900. Family stories have it that her parents were divorced and she was raised by an aunt and uncle named Roy/Ray and Nettie Critchfield. She may have had a brother named Monroe. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Linda Ashworth


Submitter: Donna Thompson (drtoxford@juno.com)
Date: 03 Nov 1999

Looking for info on 2 brothers to Nels & Able THOMPSON who immigrated to US fm Norway about 1850. the 2 "lost bros changed surname to name sounding like Etzel, and both were known to be in Fargo area at least between 1910 & 1920, and probably much before and after. Nels death certif lists mother Anna and father Nels. Able was a sailor who retired in St. Paul and Nels md Isabel Johnson & settled in Newburg, Fillmore, MN.


Submitter: G. Butrum (gwenb@netins.net)
Date: 15 Nov 1999

According to the Norwegians living in Dakota, Cass County 1880 census I have obtained the following information which I am seeking more information on these families;

Margaret CHALLY 5O widow Birthplace; Norway Father's Birthplace; Norway Mother's Birthplace; Norway Margaret resided in Fargo Cass County, Dakota Territory
Malinda CHALLY 22 dressmaker Birhplace; IL Father's Birthplace: Norway Mother's Birthplace: Norway Malinda resided in Fargo Cass County, Dakota Territory
John CHALLY 17 lab Birthplace: IL Father's Birthplace: Norway Mother's Birthplace: Norway
John Chally resided in Fargo Cass County, Dakota Territory
Mary CHALLY 15 Birthplace: IA Father's Birthplace: Norway Mother's Birthplace: Norway
Mary reside in Fargo Cass County, Dakota Territory
Louisy CHALLY 13 Birthplace: IA Father's Birthplace: Norway Mother's Birthplace: Norway
Louisy resided in Fargo Cass County, Dakota Territory
Susan CHALLY 10 Birthplace: IL Father's Birthplace: Norway Mother's Birthplace: Norway
Susan resided in Fargo Cass County, Dakota Territory

Anyone that recognizes these family members please get in contact with me. I am a CHALLY decendent and have been researching this family line for 2 years now. If anyone else can help me out I would appreciate it.


Submitter: Linda Ashworth (ashworth@imine.net)
Date: 16 Nov 1999

I am looking for information on Nellie Critchfield b: 9 May 1870 d:15 July 1906. I believe she married a Hamilton (possibly Cyrus Requa Hamilton). We think she is our ggrandmother and gave birth to our grandmother Adelaide Francis b: 27 Feb. 1900, and Monroe and possibly a Lyman. Nellie was a sister to Henry Hardesty Critchfield and daughter of Lyman R and Adelaide Schaffer Critchfield. I need information to the identity of her husband and children. Thank you. Linda Ashworth


Submitter: Bev Maddox (bevbo@cell2000.net)
Date: 18 Nov 1999

Looking for anyone who may be doing research on these families. I have quite a bit of information on the SCHOW line. Martin SCHOW and Dorthea LARSDATER SCHOW are buried in the Nora Lutheran Church Cemetery; Gardner, Cass Co. Looking for where in Norway Gilbert Gulik HAUGEN along with Mari OSETH were born. They came to Cass Co. in the late 1870's.


Submitter: Cathy Larkins (CLar780335@aol.com)
Date: 22 Nov 1999

I am looking for BURTON'S in Hunter, Cass Co, N.D. Robert Allen Burton married Pauline Web and had two children: Phillip Allen Burton 19 Jun 1941 Paul Burton 22 Sept 1942 Are there any related Burton's still in Hunter? I thank you for you help. Cathy


Submitter: Nancy Ann Hartman nahartm@kdsi.net
Date: 26 Nov 1999

WILLIAM HENRY HART born 1876 Lee co. Iowa, was living in the Grand Forks and Fargo, N.D. area in 1932, would like to make contact with someone who can help with this family his father was Pleasant Henry Hart. his step mother was Sophia Head. N. A. Hartman


Submitter: Geri Gilbertson jrgil@aol.com
Date: 02 Dec 1999

Looking for relatives of Kjersti Evingson's children, Caroline, Mabel and Ethel, and the children of Hugh and Ovidia Black and Walter Gilbertson, all of which lived in Cass Co. in early 1900-1930's.


Mason Buhler soultaker22@yahoo.com
27 Dec 1999

I am looking for any information about the genealogy of Jacob Cornelius Sawatzky, born Feb. 25, 1886 in Fargo, North Dakota. His parents were Cornelius Sawatzky and Maria Sawatzky (maiden name Maria Falk).


Mac McDonald SMcdon9686@aol.com
27 Dec 1999

Looking for information on Fred J. SHRIMP who married Nellie MCDONALD. They are said to have had a pharamacy in Fargo. They had 3 sons, Fred, Harry and Roger between 1907 and 1915. Thanks for any help. Mac


Submitter: Wayne May (caroway@gateway.net)
Date: 31 Dec 1999

Marion Francis MAY (MY GRANDFATHER) born in Columbus, Ohio(?) APRIL 2, 1869. My father James Marion MAY says his Dad left Ohio in the late 1890s or later and went to Fargo, ND. He left a family there and moved to Alabama before 1918. He married Elizabeth Phenix and they had a daughter in 1918. They were listed on the 1920 Census in Alabama. That is the only record I have of him. I have not been able to prove that he was born in Ohio or is in any other census prior to 1920. Help!!! This is a long shot. Thanks.

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