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in their life take place in Cass County, North Dakota.

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David Stewart dstew17@telus.net
Date:31 Dec 2003
I am looking for information on or descendants of Catherine Stewart born in Cobourg/Camborne Ontario in about 1856 she went on to teach school in Casselton ND for fifty years. If she was married I do not know her married named. Any one who can help would be very much appreciated.
David Stewart

Russ Chase
Date: 15 November 2003

Looking for info on Ella Roberts who died 1899-1900 in Tower City.This info was obtained from her fathers estate.She had three children Harry Frederick and Eliza.She was born Ella Chase 1840 Newyork she married H W Applegarth and later a Roberts.Looking for her resting place and info about her children.

Jane S.
Date: 14 November 2003

Looking for death of Margaret(Coghlan)Bourke October 13, 1891, 1896 or 1897, in North Dakota, possibly Fargo. She was born 1857,Quebec,Canada. Husband Joseph Bourke worked building bridges.

Mona Gehring
Date: 29 Oct 2003

Seeking info on Boys Bible Class B.B.L. Champions 1910 (of Fargo). Have photo of team: 6 players, 2 adults. Pencil writing on back has badly faded but 1 name might be "Mr. HARRISON." One player John Henry BOWERS (b. 1893) was son of Fred Arthur BOWERS, police chief of Fargo in early 1900s. Can e-mail photo to anyone interested. Would appreciate information on Bowers family

Date:12 October 2003

Does anyone know about an event where a woman named Mary CUTHBERTSON froze to death during a snowstorm abt 1938; probably near Wheatland or Absaraka area? She and a friend were caught in the storm and finally did make it to a woman's house but it was too late. Surely would appreciate your help.

Date:5 October 2003

Seeking inf. on Dr. fisher And Wife- Sarah Enge Fisher( Born-1868- Norway). Children- Ralph- Ruth And Ethel Fisher. Known to have lived in Fargo area.

Wayne Messecar
Date: 5 October 2003
Looking for any info on Scott N Hall b. 1871 NS Canada. Occ: barber Fargo 1930 Also wife Emma Naylor b. 1871 NS Canada and 2 adopted daughters: Leana b. 1893 Eng & Clarice b. abt 1915 ND.

Date:2 Oct 2003
ANTENA HAAKENSON 7 Mar 1896 May 1972 Fargo, Cass, ND
Could someone help me find an obit.

Doug Rusher
Date: 1 Oct 2003

Birth Lookup
Doctor "Rob" said he was born Robert Hudson SMITH March 10, 1910 in Cassleton, Cass Co., N.D. He grew up with the Surname of his mother Elsie Johanna SMITH who was in Cassleton only temporarily for the birth. Would like to know father's name. We think he could have been born a BOWELL. Some sort of divorce or unwed situation?

Jim MacConnell
Date: 07 Sep 2003

Looking for McConnells from the 1880s onward. I found an old picture taken in Milton, ND identified only as my grandfather David McConnell cousin. IĠd like to identify her. 1920 census records show a John C. & Mary J. McConnell b 1850 and 1857, respectively, in Eldred Township, Cass County, born in Canada of Scottish and Irish parents and immigrating to the U.S. in 1881. There is also an 1880 census, Township 155, Grand Forks record of a Donnald & Anna McConnell, both born in 1840 in Scotland.

Surnames: SOLIE
Submitter: Pam
Date: 06 Jun 2003

I am searching for any information on my great grandfather, Oscar T. or N. Solie. He and his wife, Caroline Gordon Solie, had 12 or so children. Their eldest son, Arthur T. Solie, served in WW1 in the days prior to the truce and was killed in action in France. We have located his grave and have several old photos of him. The family lived in and around the Fargo area, farming and running a boarding house.

Submitter: Colleen M. Cameron
Date: 02 Jun 2003
URL: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~reigstad

Looking for place of birth for Pearl (Kirk) Narveson, born 1/29/1908, died in Fargo 5/6/1996. Thanks.

Surnames: HAUGSVER
Submitter: gerald joachim
Date: 30 May 2003

Looking for information on a family named Haugsver and a John Haugsver in particular. Born 1890 and died in Minnesota in 1971. Divorced from a Clara Bergstad in Cass County in 1918??.

Surnames: DAVIS
Ann Jensen
Date: 22 May 2003

HELP: Seeking info on a JOSEPH DAVIS born c1880 (?).Married (Mary)?,possilbly a 1st Nations woman. Twins (girl named Pearl & boy named Earl) born in May of 1914 and son (John) in c1920. These people and events appear to all be in the WHEATLAND area of Cass Co.North Dakota. I have checked the 1910,1920 census.Need to know also if the 1st Nations census was separate. I am attempting this search for an elderly lady. Any help much appreciated. Thanks in advance from Canada.

Surnames: HOGANSON
Date: 21 May 2003

Searching for information on Hogan Hoganson in Cass County in 1880. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Kay Edquist
Date: 06 May 2003

Would anyone have knowledge of Delia BRODERICK (1866-1889), a young rural school teacher in the area of Marble River or Durbin Dakota in 1888-1889? I have correspondence indicating that she lived with the DINSMORE and SIELS families while teaching in the area. I suspect from the correspondence that her sisters Mary and Ellen were in the same general vicinity. Mary, Ellen and Delia were the daughters of Thomas and Mary (O'HEARN) BRODERICK and all three were born in Wisconsin. I am trying to locate Delia's place of death. Mary and Ellen traveled westward after this time. They also taught in rural schools.

Submitter: Gretchen Leisen
Date: 05 May 2003

Would like to know the date of death for Barbara HUBERTY HEINZ, wife of John HEINZ. Date is likely to be last half of 20th century. This couple lived for awhile at Alice, ND.

May G. Nordsveen
Date: 15 May 2003

I'm Norwegian, living in Elverum in the Eastern part of South Norway in Hedmark county. I've found out in connection with a book I'm writing about the history of the churches in our region, that some some families from Trysil established a church and a congregation near Red River in North Dakota in the 1870'. In 1883 the name of the congregation was changed to Nora, to include people from other parts of Norway. The Post Office address was Gardner. From the Lutheran church records,some friends of mine in Colorado have found out that the the membership ended in 1947. My question is: Was there - or is there still- a church named Trysil churh (kirke)? Hope somebody can answer my question very soon. Elverum, Norway, May 15th 2003. May G. Nordsveen. My e-mail address is maygn@online.no

Submitter: Susan Larson
Date: 13 May 2003

Seeking any information on Clara HAMBLIN (1885-1975)who lived with and was the granddaughter of George Leroy and Amelia Ann(WILLIAMS)SMITH. Clara married Herman Edward DAVIS (1876-1976), son of Edward Stewart and Martha Ellen (HOBBIS)DAVIS.

Roxanne White
Date: 06 Apr 2003

CASS CO. I am looking for information on a Carl/Karl/Charles Evenson that lived in Wheatland, in the 1930s. He worked on a farm in that area. The owner of the Farm was a George Schonberger. I have been looking for this family for a long time and was hoping that someone could help me with this. Thank you for your time and effort. Roxanne White

Submitter: Vern Dander
Date: 30 Mar 2003

Trying to expand info about family of Willard (William) Elmer TUBBS Jr, b. 24 Sep 1905 in River Falls, Pierce county, WI; d. Feb 1974, Fargo, Cass county, ND. Son of Willard Elmer TUBBS Sr. of River Falls. Spouse of Marie (Mary) Katherine KIEWEL Tubbs, b. 29 Aug 1901, Crookston, Polk county, MN; d. 30 Sep 1988, Fargo. Thanks Vern D

Gary Lewis
Date: 15 Mar 2003

TRISKO - Looking for descendants of Carl P. TRISKO, died Fargo, ND Apr. 1970 and his wife, Ethel (Farmer) TRISKO, children; Marjorie TRISKO, Ruth TRISKO, Jean TRISKO. Need info and photos for book.

Irene M. Schroh
Date: 22 Feb 2003

Re: Guttorm M. Ohnstad. I have since found that Guttorm Ohnstad also had his mother and father and at least 2 brothers in the Gardiner ND area. He is the son of Mons Olsen Ohnstad and Christine Johansdatter.. I believe they came from Aurland however dont have anything concrete. He also had a brother Erick and Jno (John) both who also farmed in the Gardiner area. I would be most interested in hearing from any of the descendants of this family. I believe Erick married Olive Bondley. Thanks, Irene

Greer Stene
Date: 21 Jan 2003

I am looking for a Huset family that is listed as residing in Hattan, ND. I am only guessing that Hattan may have been in Cass County, since I can't find it on a map. This family traveled back to America on the Lusitania in 1910 and included five people, Lena (age 44), L. L. (age 48) , Elmar, Eleanore (both age 17 - twins?) and Mabel, age 11. I believe they might be related to a Belida Huset who married Ferdinand Conzemius. They named a daughter Mabel (b. 1895). Any help would be greatly appreciated. gstene@hotmail.com

Irene Schroh
Date: 12 Feb 2003

I am looking for relatives of Guttorm Ohnstad who is buried in the NOra Lutheran Church cemetary in Wiser Township, Cass County North Dakota. I am a great grandaughter and would be most interested in contacting anyone of this family

David Furphy
Date: 05 Feb 2003

Hello, I am David Furphy.I am French but James Furphy, my grand-father, was American.I would appreciate it if you could help me find his "last known residence" in Fargo 58100 before 1951.Thank you in advance.

Surnames: HULL
Joanne Swindler
Date: 01 Feb 2003

Searching for information on my mother. Birth Name: Lillian Hull, born 8/19/1910. (No birth certificate on record in North Dakota.) She and an older sister (Edith) were placed in a Fargo orphanage in about 1915. At the age of five, Lillian was placed in a foster home in Grant County and raised by that family. She was never legally adopted and was given no information about her birth family except that she had a sister. Please help me find information about my mother's birth family.

Surnames: MCCARTEN
Date: 16 Jan 2003

I am looking for information on my great grandmother Margaret McCarten who I believe lived and passed away in Fargo. She was born in Illinois about 1840 and probably died in Fargo somewhere around 1930. She had 3 daughters who also lived in Fargo. One had the same name Margaret.

Renee (schlaudyno1@Yahoo.com)
Date: 13 Jan 2003

I am looking for info on the LINDSAY family who is in the 1920 Census:
Charles M Mary L Mildred A Age 18 Hazel age 13 Frances L age 10 Charles A. age 7
They lived Cass Cty Eldred Twp. I am alo working on these surnames from around Cass cty. PHIFER MURRAY

Susan Westhoff (subwest@attbi.com)
Date: 09 Jan 2003

Seeking info about: Martin Tenborg-b.1833,d.1903 in Grandin, Cass Co. and Arthur Tenborg-b.1888, d.1976 in Gardner, Cass Co.. Obituaries would be especially appreciated.

Douglas Gutaw (silverbird@sbcglobal.net)
Date: 06 Jan 2003

Any information about John Sleeper, wife Clara Sleeper (nee Einan or Johnson). John Sleeper was born in Norway around 1890; probably came to Fargo around 1915. I believe he lived with a family, or was sponsored by a family by the name of Lund.

cathy Davis (cdavis@emirus.com)
Date: 07 Jan 2003
I am looking for info on my great-grandfather, Franklin Scott. He was married twice - first to Julia Erickson and then to "the former Mrs. C. H. Burtt." He was in law enforcement. He also planted "trees for Franklin Wills." He came from Ontario as a young man about 1880.

Submitter: Helen Welte (jhwelte@juno.com)
Date: 07 Jan 2003

I had some relatives that were placed at the N.D. Children's Home Society (orphanage) back in 1927. Can anyone tell me what happened to this orphanage and where the records may have gone?

Harry Huntsman (h_huntsman@highstream.net)
Date: 06 Jan 2003

Seeking information n family of Patrick Dowd. Listed in Cass Cty 1880 census Page 327 wife Bridget Padden Dowd. Emigrants to ND from Ireland. Would like to know birthplaces and burial site of Patrick.
Appreciate any information

Moi (moimid@hotmail.com)
Date: 04 Jan 2003

I'm looking for any information about Christian Frederick MOERKE married to Rosalie RUHNKE. They lived in Blanchard for sure in 1898 when their twin daughters Pearl & Violet were born. They could have been there as early as 1890. Both parents were born in Germany and lived awhile in Michigan before going to North Dakota. Can anyone help with a lead on these people? Thank you. Moi

Bill Saunders
Date: 02 Jan 2003

I am looking for any decendants of Jesse O. Saunders who was born abt 1853 either in Kentucky or Missouri,and settled in Fargo,North Dakota. His parents were John G. Saunders and Catherine Dogan Crain. The family owned a Hardware store in Fargo,North Dakota. Thanks for any help-Bill

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