Traill County

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Civil War Veterans Who Had Lived in Traill County Area
Veteran's Name
Home in 1890*
Years of Service
Marshall Akins District 135 Private 1861-1861
George H Ames District 135 Private 1865-1865
Magnus Anderson Mayville Private 1864-1865
Alvin Arnold District 135 Corporal 1861-1862
William Banister Hillsboro Private 1862-1865
Edward D Barker Hillsboro Private 1863-1865
Amos M Barnum Mayville Corporal 1862-1865
Frank M Battson
(Note 8)
Buxton and Caledonia Private 1861-1865
John J Bergh Norway Private 1862-1865
William J Cantrall Hillsboro Private 1861-1862
Albert W Coats District 135 Private 1862-1865
Edward T Combs
(Edward F. Combs)
Buxton and Caledonia Musician 1864-1865
Thomas Cooke
(No Information)
District 130 Private 1863-1865
Albert A Corliss District 130 Private 1861-1865
Leonard B Corliss District 130 Private 1861-1865
D William Darius
(Darius D. Williams)
Norway Private 1861-1866
Willson Deets
(Wilson "Rex" Deets)
District 135 Private 1861-1865
B. Dighton Eckler Hillsboro Private 1864-1865
Louis O Elliott
(Lewis O. Elliott)
District 135 Private 1861-1864
Ambrose Elsasser
(Ambrose Elsesser)
Norway Private 1862-1865
Hanson Engrold
(Ingvold Hanson)
Norway Private 1864-1865
Edwin Fithian Blanchard Captain 1848
Thomas Ganderson
(Thomas G. Anderson)
District 135 Corporal 1862-1863
Octavis Gerry
(Octavius Terry)
District 135 Private 1864-1865
Edgar S Hanover
(Edgar Harroun)
Mayville Corporal 1862-1865
Lars Hanson
(Lars Hanson Gordon)
District 130 Private 1861-1865
Henry O Hodges Hillsboro Private 1862-1865
Ole Jensen
(Note 5)
District 135 Private 1865-1865
Ole Johnson
(Note 5)
District 135 Private 1865-1865
Earl C Johnson
(Ezra C. Graham)
Norway Private
John L Johnson Hillsboro Lieutenant
John Kimmons
(John Simmons)
District 130 Private 1861-1864
James Kmit
(Note 9)
District 130 Private 1861-1865
Nels Knutson
(Nels Knudson)
(Nels Knudson Haga)
District 135 Private 1862-1865
Lucian A Lincoln
(Lucius Lincoln)
Mayville Sergeant 1861-1865
Ole O Lordet
(Ole O. Jordet)
Mayville Private 1862-1864
Charles W MacCarthy District 130 Sergeant 1862-1865
Skarison Mathias
(Note 4)
Mayville Private 1864-1865
Mathias Mathison
(Mattes Matteason)
(Note 4)
Mayville Private 1864-1865
Chester McClark
(Chester M. Clark)
(Wife Tena Receiving
Widows Pension)
Caledonia Private 1864-1865
Joel Meler
(Joel Miller)
District 130 Private 1864-1865
William Milligan
(Note 6)
District 130 Private
Howard A Morgan (alias)
(Asa H. Morgan)
Hillsboro Corporal 1864-1865
Bernhard Olsen (alias)
(Bernhard Olsen Bye)
District 130 Private 1862-1865
Dendeck Olson (alias)
(Benedict Olson,
Benedict Rauk)

(Note 3)
Buxton and Caledonia Private 1861-1865
H Olson
(Ole Olson)
(Note 7)
Norway Private 1862-1862
Richard H O'Neal
Buxton and Caledonia Private 1861-1865
George L O'Neal
Buxton and Caledonia Private 1865-1865
Ole N Orland District 135 Private 1862-1865
Erik N Palk
(Erik N. Falk, Isaac Nelson)
Caledonia Private 1864-1865
James C Paton District 130 Corporal 1862-1864
Andrew Pederson
(Andrew Peterson)
Norway Private
Samuel W Plummer
(Samuel M. Plumer)
Buxton and Caledonia Sergeant 1861-1865
James C Putnam Mayville Private 1862-1865
William H Robinson Mayville Corporal 1863-1865
Asa Sargeant District 130 Private 1862-1863
Andrew J Shark
(Andrew J. Sharkey)
(Note 2)
Andrew Shaw Mayville Private 1861-1865
Lars I Sime
(Lars Isaacson Seim)
District 135 Private 1862-1862
Jesse W Smith Norway Private 1865-1865
Charles Spiering
(Carl Spiering)
Blanchard Corporal 1865-1865
Thomas Stanton
(Thomas Staten)
District 130 Seaman 1864-1865
David Stillman
(Note 1)
Mayville Private 1864-1865
Dwight Stillman
(Note 1)
Mayville Private 1864-1865
Nelson Tedd
(Note 10)
Erik A Thoen District 135 Private
Thomas Thomson
(Thomas Thompson)
(Tosten Kopseng)
District 135 Private 1861-1865
Joel E Turney Norway Private 1863-1865
Daniel S Vanamburgh District 135 Private 1863-1865
Gilbert L Wakeman Hillsboro Sergeant 1865-1865
Thomas M Walker District 130 Private
Henry Wheley
(Henry Whaley)
Blanchard Private
Junot A Wilcox District 135 Corporal 1861-1862
Daniel Wilson Buxton and Caledonia Private 1864-1866
William H York Hillsboro Major 1861-1865

* = Home. District 130 includes Caledonia, Grandin, and Quincy. District 135 includes Clifford, Hatton, Mayville, and Portland.

Note 1: The two Stillmans are possibly duplicates and it is even indicated they might be on the original document. Nothing could be found on a David Stillman in Traill County.

Note 2: Andrew J. Sharkey died in 1882 (2nd Lieutenant, Ohio). His wife Evaline was receiving a widows pension in 1890 and should be listed above under the Relatives Name.

Note 3: Using information from civil war records, this census, and the Norwegian-American Museum it is apparent that Benedict Rauk used the surname 'Olsen/Olson' for civil war/pension records. More details are in his Biography listed here..

Note 4: Skarison Mathias and Mathias Mathison are the same person and his real name is Mattes Matteason.

Note 5: Ole Jensen and Ole Johnson are the same person.

Note 6: A veteran of the Indian Wars. Not in Civil War. Born 1857.

Note 7: In 1890 he lived in Norway, Traill County. He was in Company G, 5th Minnesota Regiment from 5 February to 14 November 1862. Born in Norway about 1841. No other information.

Note 8: Could not find for certainty after numerous searches. There is a Francis M. Battson, Co E, 81st Ill Inf but could not find that he was ever in North Dakota.

Note 9: Could not find information for James Kmit. Believe translator reversed given and surname and this is Knute W. Johnson.

Note 10: Could not find information for Nelson Tedd. It is very possible this is Tosten Nelson.