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Jean Sandstrom
Date: 14 Dec 2005

I am looking for relatives in Cass County. My grandmother was REGINA ORNBERG married to PETER SANDSTROM abt 1902. Her sister WILHEMINA ORNBERG married his brother OLOG WILHELM SANDSTROM. The Sandstrom brothers had a sister who married the brother of my G-grandmother ANNA GUSTAVA JOHNSON ORNBERG, PETER JOHNSON. Anna Gustava also had a brother OSCAR and sister MARGARET NORDSTROM FORSBERG and brother ERIC who was Margaret's twin. They lived close together in the early 1900's in the West Fargo, Raymond areas. Wilhelmina and Olof Sandstrom died in the 1950's. Anna Gustava Johnson Ornberg died in 1941. Would like to connect with any living cousins. Peter and Olof's sister was named IDA OR EDLA JOHANNA SANDSTROM JOHNSON
Richard Brown
Date: 8 Nov 2005

Looking for information on:
Elmer (GUY) SARGENT, b. July 19, 1869, Fowler, MI; d. September 18, 1901, Fargo, Cass Co., North Dakota. Elmer is the son of Timothy Sargent B. April 18, 1842, Rutland Co. , Vermont, and d. July 17, 1882 in BERLIN TWP. IONIA COUNTY, MI.
I would appreciate any help you can share. Thank you,
Richard Brown
Lisa Coffey
Date: 16 Oct 2005

My Great Uncle his wife and one of there children died in a house fire in 1942 near Page. James Fauglid Velma Fauglid and their Daughter Virginia Ruth Fauglid. I am looking for any information on this that anybody can help me with.
Shauna Davis
Date: 8 October 2005

Seeking information on Ralph Fisher from the 1925 census, Cass County, ND.
Rosemary BradfordDate: 8 Oct 2005

Constande LUNDER, daughter of Caroline Bj┐re Christianson and Nels T. Lunder, was born in 1900 in Minnesota. Another name for Constande was Constance. She appeared in the 1910 U. S. census with her parents in Winnipeg Junction, Clay County, Minnesota, and lived in Fargo, Cass County, North Dakota on 30 Jan 1924 according to her mother's obituary that appeared in the Moorhead Country Press on February 4, 1924, (Editorial & Feature Page, Col. 7. Her brother was Clarence A. Lunder lived in Seattle, King County, Washington, and her sister was Nora T. Lunder from Moorhead, Clay County, Minnesota. All the children grew up in Winnipeg Junction, Clay County, Minnesota before migrating to other areas.
This is the missing link in our family's history! If you have any information on any of chese children, or their parents, please contact me.
Marilyn Galoff
Date: 13 Sept 2005

I am looking for information on Michael A. Smith, b: abt 1855 in KY, and his wife Celestia Ingersoll Smith, b: aby 1851 in CT. They married in Arkansaw, Pepin Co, WI. Moved to the Dakota Terr between 1878-1880. Lived in Valley City for a short time, then moved to Fargo, Cass Co, ND where they lived the rest of their lives. They had three children: Wesley, b: in 1878 WI, Bell b: abt 1880 Barnes Co. and Benjamin b: in 1882 Dakota Terr. Michael A. Smith may have died in 1930 in Minneapolis, MN while visiting family. Unknown abt Celestia. In the 1900 Cass Co. census it states that Celestia had 3 children with one living, Wesley, who was at home. Michael had a sister Eliza Smith Wylie living in Valley City, Barnes Co., ND at the time. Any kind of info, no matter how small would be appreicated. Thanks in advance
Bruce Williams
Date: 21 Aug 2005

ELMER WILLIAM CLARK (born 3 Jul, 1861, Skaneateles New York) married MARY LILLIAN FRY at Tower City, Cass County, North Dakota on 24 May 1887. According to later censuses, she was born 1865/6 in Canda to a father who was Candaian english, and a mother born in New York. One internet site gives her birth as 13 Dec, 1865, Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada. Elmer and Mary had (per 1900 census for Tower City) Clarence W., Stanley G(eorge), Lila P., Olive E., Archibald B., and (per 1910 census for Harmony, Oregon) also had Ellen and Philip. Elmer's farm burned down in 1903, and by the birth of their son Philip (1906), they had moved to Oregon, where Elmer died 21 Jul, 1936, and Mary died 18 Jul, 1962. Does anyone know anything about Mary's ancestry, please?
Willard Genz
Date: 10 August 2005

I am trying to obtain information on the family of Carl and Augusta Gentz Buchholtz. In the 1900 census,they were living in Maple River Township in Cass County,and they had 8 children. Yjete are quite a few Buchholtz members listed in the cemetery index.How can I get the information about them?
Brenda Lincke Fisseler
Date: 7 Aug 2005

My name is Brenda Lincke Fisseler and I am a member of the Lavaca County Historical Commission. I am currently working on a project concerning thirteen WWII flyers who died in airplane crashes in Lavaca County, Texas between 1941 and 1944. One of the young men killed was 2nd Lt. Ronald C. Hocking of Absaraka, Cass Co., ND. Ronald was born Sept. 20, 1919 the son of I. N. Hocking and Ethel Smith Hocking. According to the 1930 census, Ronald had two sisters, Louella and Cloyce. He was killed in the crash of his B25 bomber on March 11, 1942.
The Historical Commission is hosting a conference in October that will honor these thirteen young men and my assignement is to locate living family members of each one of the men to let them know about the conference and invite the families to participate in the event. As of today, I have been able to locate family members of 8 or the 13 men, but I have been unsuccessful with Hocking. If anyone can help me locate family members of Ronald C. Hocking, I would truly appreciate it. Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter. Brenda Lincke Fisseler
Jess Pardo
Date: 25 July 2005

I am looking for information on the Hablas family from Fargo, ND area. I know that my great grandmother and great grandfathers names were Anne Frances Shinners Hablas and Louis James Hablas, Sr. Specifically I am looking to trace the family line from them back as far as I can.
Beth Wool
Date: 20 July 2005

Looking for any information on Ernest August Schroeder/Schrader/Schroder(my grand-uncle). He was born 1 Dec 1897 Bremer Co.,Iowa and died Feb 1976 Fargo,Cass Co.,North Dakota. All I know about his time in North Dakota is that he worked on a farm near Fargo and when he retired he lived in Hotel or boarding house in Fargo until his death. To my knowledge he never married. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Rhonda Teudhope
Date: 20 July 2005

I am searching for a family of Walker and Margaret Thompson. Walker was born in 1854 in Conneautville, Pennsylvania and Margaret in Johnston, Ohio in 1858. They resided in Cass County. Margaret also known as Maggie passed away in 1889 or 1890. Her and Walker had 4 children. Walker then re-married a Sarah E. Marsh and they had 3 children. Walker passed away in 1945. I am trying to find out anything I can about Walker and Maggie's life together. I ask anybody with any info please get in touch with me.
Maggie was Margaret Teudhope from Beaver Center, Pa. Her family resided here and this is believed to be the town where her and Walker were married. Her family still lives in the Teudhope homefront over 120 years later.
John F. Heath
Date: 4 July 2005

In the 1880 census, there is a Fanny Heath, wife of Thomas Heath of Cass County, Dakota Territory. I am trying to find out if Fanny's maiden name was Andrews. Can anyone help?
Steve Johnson
Date: 3 July 2005

Cass County - Looking for information on the descendants of Olaf and Sophie Moe that lived in Cass County.
1 Olaf Moe b: 1829 in Norway d: in Cass County, ND
.. +Sophie - wife of Olaf Moe b: Bet. 1809 - 1835 in Norway d: Bef. 1885 in Cass County, ND
.... 2 Sophie Moe b: 01 Apr 1852 in Sol┐r, Norway d: 09 Jun 1932 in Davenport, Cass County, ND
........ +Olaf Larson Salberg b: 07 Jan 1840 in Sol┐r, Norway m: 1871 in Norway d: 28 Sep 1923 in Davenport, Cass County, ND
.... 2 Karen Moe b: 20 Aug 1854 in Sol┐r, Norway d: 13 Feb 1937 in Davenport, Cass County, ND
........ +Ammon I. Berge b: May 1864 in IA m: 02 Apr 1900 in Shows Ammon I. Berge and Carrie Moe married in Cass County, ND d:1954 in Davenport, Cass County, ND
.... 2 [2] Jennie B. Moe b: Feb 1860 in Sol┐r, Norway d: 1953 in Davenport, Cass County, ND
........ +Andrew M. Johnson b: 23 May 1854 in Sweden m: 12 Mar 1885 in Shows Andrew Johnson and Jennie B. Moo married in Fargo, Cass County, ND,. d: 04 Feb 1890 in Davenport, Cass County, ND
.... *2nd Husband of [2] Jennie B. Moe:
........ +Emil Johnson b: Nov 1865 in Sweden m: Bet. 1899 - 1900 d: 1937 in ND
.... 2 Maria Anna Moe b: Nov 1841 in Sol┐r, Norway d: in Cass County, ND
........ +Ole O. Bjerke b: May 1832 in Norway m: Abt. 1863 in Norway d: in Cass County, ND
.... 2 Olive Levia Moe b: Oct 1861 in Sol┐r, Norway d: in ND
........ +Jacob N. Gaard b: Jul 1857 in Sol┐r, Norway m: Abt. 1885 d: Bef. 1920 in ND
Judy Hamilton Date: 19 June 2005

I am seeking information on family members with name of Gardner: William, Hattie (Luff) Fern, Glenn and Clare. Lived in Berlin, North Dakota in 1893 thru 1920. William died in 1898. Any information would help. Thank you. Judy
Roberta Rinde
Date: 11 June 2005

I am looking for family of my great grandparents, Robert W. Morrison and Eliza Dill Anderson Morrison. They settled in Casselton in the late 1870s. He was a carpenter. They had 8 children - Elizabeth Ann, George Alexander, Catherine (or Katherine) Jane, Margaret Amanda, Robert Duncan, William Clifron, Roberta Matilda and Ellen Nevin. They were originally from Canada.
Stella Moden
Date: 7 June 2005

Carl Redemske lived in Richland Co ND , But Naturalization papers were filed In Cass Co in 1980 volume D-3 Page 205 in 1880. He died abt 1903 Also had a brother Frederick. Any info about these familes is appreciated
Louise Pilger
Date: 22 May 2005

Between 1925-1930, R. J. Treptow worked as a salesman for Marshall-Wells company in Fargo, ND. Are there records available in Fargo of this company?
Merlyn D. Schultz
Date: 5 May 2005

I am trying to locate source documentation of the marriage of Henry Schultz, b. 3 Aug 1879 in Hanover, Grey, Ontario CAN to Henrietta Collins, b. 31 Oct 1881, Wheatland, Cass, DT. FamilySearch.com reflects marriage date as 4 Nov 1902. These are my grandparents and I know they resided in Cass County because my father birth, 25 May 1905, was recorded as Gardner, ND. I am aware that the facility that maintained these records burned down. Also, the 1900 Federal census for Cass County, ND shows Henry Schultz, Age 20, in the family of Mary Schultz, widow. I am trying to find out the name of Mary's husband and if he died before or after Mary immigrated in 1888 from Canada. Also, what happened to Mary? Directly above Mary's family on the 1900 census is the family of John Schultz. I believe John was Mary's son, but have been unable to establish that link. I am a member of the Red River Valley Genealogical Society, S-109 and any help you can be in my search is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Date: 24 April 2005

I'm still looking for info on this family but my address has changed. I'm looking for any information about Christian Frederick MOERKE married to Rosalie RUHNKE. They lived in Blanchard for sure in 1898 when their twin daughters Pearl & Violet were born. They could have been there as early as 1890. Both parents were born in Germany and lived awhile in Michigan before going to North Dakota. Can anyone help with a lead on these people? Thank you. Moi

Georgina Smith
Date: 22 April 2005

I found the following in 1920 Census in Fargo. Youngdahl,Andrew 36 Sweden Jamie 31 Illinois I have not yet found this couple in 1930 Census. Would someone be able to look on 1925 State census? I really wish to find more info on this couple and possible children they had. I hope you will email me directly. Much thanks!
Larry Wandrey
Date: 5 April 2005

Looking for information on the relationship of Edwin J Cobb and Pearl Cobb to Childrens Boarding House in Fargo in the 1920's.
Bill Saunders
Date: 2 April 2005

I am looking for a Saunders family that owned a Hardware store in Fargo. I believe that the store was open during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I would appreciate any help that I can get.
God Bless and take care-Bill
Beth Hendrickson
Date: 27 March 2005

Listed in the Everest/Cass County 1900 Federal Census: James B. Coyle born May 13, 1858 in WI (sometimes listed as MN). James was my GGrandfather's brother. Mary (wife) born July 1860 in WI. They married approx 1884 in MN.
Children: Mary born July 1885 in MN; Leillian born August 1887 in ND; Ethel born November 1889 in ND; Loretto born January 1892 in ND; Sylvester born February 1895 in ND; Myrtle born April 1900 in ND. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Beth Hendrickson (dreamer@bethyann.com).
Judy Thornton Week
Date: 27 Feb 2005

I am searching for information regarding my husband's ancestor Margit Knudsdatter Skaterudmoen also known as Margit Knutsdatter Espeset(h and her husband Kristian Sjong. She was born in Skaterudmeon, Hallingdal, Norway 3 September 1856. Her parents were Knud Knudsen Espeseth and Mari Andersdatter Skaterudmoen. She immigrated with her parents in 1861 to America. They settled in Norway Lake, Kandiyohi Co., MN. Margit married Kristian Lukkasen Sjong in Brooten, Sterns Co., MN Kristian Lukkasen Sjong was the son of Luccas Kristensen Sjong and Kirsti Pedersdatter Garnas. Margit died 29 October 1940 in Fargo, Cass Co., ND. She was 84 years old. This information was from the church book in Hallingdal, Norway. The name may have been Americanized to Shong or Song. Anyone who has information regarding this family & their descendants please contact me.

Lawrence Thompson
Date: 19 Feb 2005

In the 1900 Census for City of Fargo, E.D. #32, Ward 3, sheet 7, House # 411, are listed Maria Sivertson, Peder S. Vistaunet, and Antonie S. Vistaunet (all siblings, Maria using father's first name, the other two the farm name on Inderoy, Nord Trondelag, Norway). They are at St. Olaf Hospital on 8th Ave. S. Where can I learn more about St. Olaf Hospital? Peder S. Vistaunet will go to UM and get an M.D degree amd work at Shelly, MN
Barbara Freimuth
Date: 2 Feb 2005

I am looking for my great-great grandfather Payne, first name unknown. He was the father of Sidney A. Payne (DOB 1870), and father-in-law of Marguerite E. P. Payne (DOB approx. 1870). Sidney and Marguerite Payne owned a farm in Argusville, which was inherited by Percy Orville Payne (son) and ultimately by Dale Payne (grandson).
Janet Johnson
Date: 31 Jan 2005

Searching for Allyn's living in/near Tower City from late 1880 - 1888.
Thanks, Jan
Bob Naugle
-Date: 31 January 2005
Can anyone help me with an obituary for a Dorothy LINTERN who died in Fargo, Cass, ND in December 1976? As far as I know, that is the only possible source of information on her in Fargo. I sure would appreciate the help. Thanks, Bob Naugle
Michelle Crist

I am trying to find out any information on Mathia (Hanson) Johnson. She was born in Norway and emmigrated with 4 children around 1880 to Kindred when her husband (Hans Olsen?) died suddenly. 1885 Cass County census has her listed with new husband Ole Johnson. He died in Washington in 1898 and she did not accompany him there. I am her GGgrandaughter and would like any information about her birthplace (possibly , Asker?) death and/or burial.
: lynne kiland-kaltenbach Email: lynne,wilhelm.kirstyn@sasktel.net
Date: 18 Jan 2005

looking for cemetary where mable theodora kiland was buried in 1903. she was born oct 17,1902 in clay county minn. she died oct 1,1903. her parents were my grandparents theodore and caroline kiland.
Rose V.
Date: 15 Jan 2005

Can someone look for anything on Johnatha Emmons he die 8-7-1884 was embdon in cass co Nd wife martha , Johnatha 1st wife Mary Caroline had son albert melvin emmons trying to find them.
- 10 Jan 2005

I am looking for information regarding Bishop Isaac S. Mast and his family. He was a Bishop in the Amish-Mennonite church in the North Dakota area. His son Isaac L. Mast was my grandfather. Ruth Mast (Isaac's sister) married Reuben Roth in March of 1933. They lived in Casselton until 1942 then moved to Pennsylvania. Any information you may have would be very interesting and helpful.

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