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Submitter:sonja gropper
Date: 4 Jan 2005

Looking for anything on Gropper .. they lived in Arthur and were married in 1899.. I am trying to find a marriage license for them.. my grandfather was a Gropper and my grandmas last name was Jandt and their daughter married a Zick.
Marty G.
Date: 30 Dec 2004

Looking for information on Alma Mannigel. Born in 1885 and died in Hawley, Clay County, MN in 1978. Alma was a widow in the 1930 census for Fargo, Cass County in 1930. Living with her were step children Maxine (19), Loton (15) and her sister Grace Cook. I believe her husband would have been Robert Charles (Carl) Mannigel. He died in 1928 and is buried in Luverne, Rock County, Minnesota. Would appreciate any information.
Thomas S.
Date: 30 Dec 2004

I am looking for the real name of a 3 year old male adopted by Steve amd Elnoer Schreder from the St John's Orphanage in Fargo North Dakota in 1935.
Submitter:Patricia R.
Date: 28 December 2004

Searching for information including death certificates or obituaries for Carl Magnus Ryden (Lutheran Pastor) of Fargo who died in 1914 and his wife Gustava Sophia Ryden who died in 1915.
Thank you. Pat

Lee M. Frederick
Date: 21 Dec 2004

I welcome all suggestions: according to one family obituary, my great grandfather was in Fargo, ND in 1926 and he was not mentioned in another in 1928. I would like to know if he died in Fargo. Any suggestions on how to find that information? Also, was a state census conducted in 1925? Looking for info on Edward Eggers born 4 Nov. 1868 Empire, Wisconsin; married to Louisa Barnes in Wis. on 12 Feb. 1890. They were in Wis. in 1910. But where after that?
Surname: KENNEDY
Submitter: Lee M. Frederick
Date:19 Dec 2004

I am writing you to inquire about the Kennedy family who would have been farming in the Cass County, Casselton area in at least the 1870's 80's. Would you have any historical sources of info for this family, as I am a direct descendant on my mother's line?
Patrick Kennedy, born in 1842, Scotland.
Married to Elizabeth ?, born in 1852, England, with
John, born in 1877, Casselton, Cass Co, North Dakota, USA.
June, born in 1878, Casselton, Cass Co, North Dakota, USA.
Elizabeth, born in 1879, Casselton, Cass Co, North Dakota, USA.
Alice May, born in 1881, Casselton, Cass Co, North Dakota, USA.
thank you for any information you may have.
Barbara H.
Date:15 Nov 2004

This is for Egil Thomassen who posted a query about the Olstad Adsero family in cass county North Dakota. I am the great-grandaughter of the Nettie and John Olstad. My grandmother Agnes Olstad Herland is their oldest child, and was from Nettie's first marriage along with Minnie and Nora. Please contact me.
Surname: HERMAN
Patti Corniea
Date: 4 Oct 2004

Herman, Judge Douglas

Bill Saunders
Date: 30 Sept 2004

I am looking for any information about a Saunders family that owned a Hardware Store in Fargo. Also any information about a man by the name of Jesse Owlsey Saunders that settled around Fargo beginning of the 20th century. Would appreciate any help that I could get.
Surname: McGRADY
Audrey M.
Date: 28 Sept 2004

Hi there!
I need to know if my great grandfather was born in Cass County. His name was Harry McGrady and he could have been born in any year from 1870 to 1895. He later moved to western North Dakota and married. I am trying very hard to put together my family tree and would appreciate your help.

Surname: CONANT
Date: 25 June 2004

I found the 1930 census and precinct map at the NDgenweb, Cass Co link. However, I cannot read the street names, just too fuzzy. Please, I need to have someone who can read the plat map to tell me which precinct the following address is in:
1630 9th St. North. Thanks.
Dennis Roll
Date: 16 June 2004

Seeking any information about a Richard McCLURE and his wife Avis (Hoag) McCLURE. He owned land three miles west of Hunter on SE20-Tp143N-Rg52-05 from 1882 until sometime before 1889. Bureau of Land Management records show he obtained a patent on the property (160 acres) on May 30, 1882. He was born in PA, but lived in IL before coming to ND. According to the "History of Dodge County, MN" 1884 biography for Mrs. Arvilla Hoag, daughter Avis A. (Now the wife of Richard McClure) resides at Hunter, Dakota. This book is a new reprint of the Dodge County portion of "History of Winona, Dodge and Olmsted Counties" available from the Dodge County Historical Society. Richard and Avis moved to WA State abt 1889. They had a farm near Sumas,WA and are buried in the Sumas cemetery there. Richard, died 1924, was my great uncle. Any help appreciated.

: Tom Fitzsimmons
Date: 9 June 2004

One of my Father's aunts, Melda (short for Anna Imelda) FITZSIMMONS, was married to a man named Joseph Nelson TAYLOR. I have a transcription of Joseph's obituary which says he moved from Iowa to "Castletown, N.D." in 1880 where he was in charge of a grain elevator for 4 years.

I think "Castletown" is probably Casselton. Joseph's brother and their father were both associated with grain elevators in Iowa, working for the Way, Johnson, and Lee Company and for Gilchrist & Company. Therefore, I am guessing that Joseph Taylor may have been employed by one of those grain companies in Casselton during the time range 1880 to 1884.

Further information I have says that Melda died in Fargo, North Dakota October 8, 1906, and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (old St. Mary's Cemetery). She left Joseph and their three young sons, Harold, Basil and Howard. Howard was born in North Dakota in 1904, but the North Dakota Health Department has no record of his birth (or of Melda's death).

I am hoping to learn if the elevator companies mentioned operated in Casselton in the 1880s, and whether there is any surviving trace of Joseph and Melda Taylor in records available to readers of this board.

Cathy Larkins
Date:1 June 2004
I am searching for information on ROBERT ALLEN BURTON. I know very little, he married Pauline Anne Webb about 1940. They had two boys, Philip Allen Burton 19 June 1941 in Hunter, Cass, ND and died 24 Jun 1989 CA and Paul Burton 22 Sept 1942. Pauline it is said divorced Robert. She moved to CA. I do not know if she divorced him in ND or CA. I have been searching for information for 10 years. Robert may have been in the service. I am also searching for information on Eldridge Elijah Webb who married Anna Maurer in Cass County, in 1915. I have found them in 1930 census but not 1920 and I have not been able to locate death info on Eldridge who I was told died about 1932 in Arthur, Cass, ND. I am trying to gather info on who Eldridges parents were. Again I thank you for your help and will gladly share my info with others...

Submitter: Dord Date: 19 May 2004

Need help on family of Wm Stevenson(Stephenson)b Jun 1885 ND lived Cass Co ND when he died Oct 1973. Where buried? Parents, his children etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dord
Emily M. Date:11 May 2004

I have the marriage license and certificate of marriage for distant relatives, Fred A. Kraemer and Gladys Colby, married 8 Jan 1912, and signed by a priest of St. Mary's Cathedral, Fargo, but I am not sure of the priest's name; the writing is not clear. Peter McScough is what it looks like. Any help would be appreciated.

Arild Teigen
Date: 5 May 2004

I am looking for information about the American branch of our family. One of my grandfathers brothers named Fredrik Teigen. He was born in my hometown; Kvam, Gudbrandsdalen valley, Norway on jan.24.1870. Parents Hans Teigen (1840-1913) and Anne Teigen(1842-1930). I know next to nothing about him, so any kind of info would be appreciated. He emigrated to America in 1888 and lived in Fargo or near Fargo. He was married and he was the father of 5 or 6 children.

Bryce Fornes-Bates
Date: 27 Apr 2004

Looking for information about the decendants of Lorentz Fornes and Sigrude Sverkie. Both came to live in the United States from Norway. They lived on several farms in Cass County. (Hunter ND and Rush River Township) They are my great-great grandparents. Their son, Eddie Fornes, married Evelyn Martin in 1924. I know nothing about the Martin family at all, but I would like to. Their son, Lawrence Fornes, is my grandfather. He married Delphine Stangler sometime in the late 1940s. I would like to know more the Stangler Family. Any information provided would be very helpful. Thank you. Bryce. debryce2@yahoo.com

Alyce Newell
Date: 27 April 2004

I am looking for any info on the TB Sanatorium, located in Dunseith, ND in the 1930's. I am trying to find informaton on 3 different employees: Edel Krook 1934-1937 approx Esther Wallace 1933-1937 approx and Maurice aka "Curly" 1933-1934, died of pneumonia between March 1934 and December 1934.

Linda Allen
Date: 18 Apr 2004

I'm looking for information on Henry and Johanna (Nerheim) Skaufel, Norwegian immigrants, who were married in Fargo (Cass County), ND on 3- 21-1916. They had two children during their time in Fargo: Donald Henry, b. 2/25/1918, and Marie Arlene, b. 1/22/1920. Also, wondering if there were other Skaufels or Nerheims in Fargo at this time. Thanks!

Date: 18 Apr 2004

In the 1900 ND Cass Arthur census is listed Pelton, Charles, born Apr 1847, Married 12 years, born in Mass. Wife is Maggie, born Oct 1859, 4 children, 1 living, born in Canada Eng, and daughter Alpha O., born Aug 1898 in North Dak. Does anyone know Charles Pelton's parents? He fits in my database as the son of Asa Carter Pelton and Ophelia Austin but no spouse listed--I would like to prove or disprove.

Georgia LaRue-Bennett
Date: 1 April 2004

I am searching for information about Royal Leo LaRew/LaRue living in Fargo North Dakota most of his adult life as a scrap metal dealer. Royal Died 24 Dec. 1966, according to obit he died in Florence, Ks. but according to the Social Security Death Index he died in North Dakota. Please any information about Royal will be greatly appreciated.
Date: Mar 30 12004

Am looking for an obit on Winnefred Stockman. Her maiden name was Fabel. She was married to George Stockman. He died in 1989. I do not have a death date. They lived in FArgo N. D. Thanks for any help.

Charles Waldron
Date: 28 Mar 2004

Genealogical search for Dorothy(Doy)Fraser b 1879 Married G. Angus Fraser Sons Donald and Simon Lived and died in Fargo,N.D.

Surname: COLBY
Emily Marsland
Date: 26 Mar 2004

Am looking for more info for the family of Lorenzo & Esther Harvey COLBY who moved to Grandin, ND, in the 1880's. Children Nellie, Angie Dell, Ned Alber, Adoniram Judson (or Judson Adoniram); children of Adoniram Judson: Helen Belle, Avis Adelle, Nellie Minerva, Harry Franklin, Gladys May, Ned Norelius, Minette, Kendall Lorenzo (or Bell, Avis, Nellie, and Harry).

Anne Shaughnessy
Date: 23 Mar 2004

I am seeking information about John QUILLINAN. He appears in the 1900 Census for Cass County. The census record indicates he was a priest. Is there a way I could contact the diocese in Cass County? Thank you for any assistance.

Sharon Loftus Weisensel
Date: 23 Jan 2004

I am looking for Martin Johannesen, born in Bergen, Norway in 1883 son of Torstein Johannesen Fjelltveit and Amalie Pauline Monsen. He left Norway for "Dakota" and farmed there, married with 2 children. Help! Looking for where he farmed, anything.

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