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Halser Anderson
(Halvor Anderson) - See Note 1
  Emmons Private 1864-1865
Oliva Anderson
(Oliver Anderson) - See Note 1
  Emmons Private 1864-1865
William L Bater
(William L. Bales)
  Emmons Private 1862-1865
Isaac G Bentty
(Isaac G. Bentley)
  Williamsport Private 1861-1862
John Boutilier
(John L. Boutillier)
  Williamsport Private 1864-1864
Florentino J Bronn
(Florantine J. Brown)
  Emmons Private 1863-1865
John Brtetolcomb
(Original document has this name crossed out. Probably John Biddlecomb, Indian Wars, Co. D, 7th U.S. Cavalry)
  Emmons Sargeant
Patrick Cahan
Patrick M. Gahan
  Emmons Captain 1865-1865
John Canninhan
(Original document has these two names crossed out)
Learty E Canninhan Emmons Private
Walter E Clartza
(Walter E. Clark)
  Emmons Private 1864-1865
Benjamin Corbin   Emmons Private 1862-1865
John A Cotton   Williamsport Private 1861-1862
John A Cotton   Williamsport Private 1863-1865
Smith H Cronk Mary Cronk Emmons Private 1862-1865
George Dorland   Emmons Private 1861-1865
Charles H Edick   Williamsport Private 1862-1865
Martin Flick   Emmons First Sergeant 1861-1865
David Fredrick
(David Frederick)
  Williamsport Private 1862-1863
Orvill Hammond
  Williamsport V m s 1863-1866
Jacob K Heptinstall   Williamsport Private 1862-1865
Abia C John   Emmons Sergeant 1861-1865
Henry Kemmer
  Williamsport Private 1862-1865
James Kennedy   Williamsport Private 1864-1865
Andrew J Lapham   Emmons Corporal 1863-1865
Henry Livingston   Williamsport Private
Marian E Maldruff
(Marion E. Waldroff)
  Williamsport Private 1864-1865
Robert Maxwell   Emmons 1 st 1862-1865
John Mccravey
See Note 2
  Emmons Private 1862-1865
John Mccrora
(John "Jack" McCrory)
  Emmons Private 1862-1865
Chas Mcentire
(Charles F. McIntyre)
George H McLain   Williamsport Private 1864-1864
James Mcrbeay
(James McRay)
  Emmons Private 1865-1865
James D Mirell
(James D. Merrill)
  Emmons ?? leta 1861
John Parker   Emmons Captain 1861-1862
Thomas Parks   Williamsport Private 1864-1865
Thomas Parks   Williamsport Corporal 1864-1865
John Pekalder
(Note 3)
  Emmons Private 1862-1865
John Pickalder
(Note 3)
  Emmons Private 1862-1865
William W Putman   Emmons Private 1864-1865
Joseph Ridout
(Joseph Redoute)
  Williamsport Corporal 1862-1865
Thomas H Rush   Emmons Captain 1861-1865
John A Simerly
(John Andrew Suverly)
  Williamsport Private 1864-1865
Lorenza D Small   Williamsport Private 1861-1864
Darwin R Streeter   Williamsport Ord s 1864-1865
Joseph Tramell
(Joseph Tramel)
  Williamsport Infantry 1861-1864
Peter Van Blarcom
(Peter Veneklaasen)
  Emmons Private 1862-1865
Albert C Wagher   Emmons Private 1864-1865
John D Wallace   Emmons Private 1861-1865
Baker Werley
(Wesley Baker)
  Williamsport Private 1864-1865
Edvin D Wescott
(Edwin D. Westcott)
  Emmons   1862-1865
John Whiticker
See Note 4
  Williamsport OS 1861-1865
John Whiticker
See Note 4
  Williamsport S.C. ? 1861-1865
Willey William
(William Willey)
  Williamsport Private 1861-1865
Wilie Willson
(Appears to be same as Willey William above)
  Williamsport Bar
Silas E Wood   Williamsport Private 1861-1864

Note 1 - On the original document there is recorded an "Oliver Anderson." Above the word "Oliver" there is written "Halvor." In view of the original writing and since nothing can be found on "Oliver" it is assumed Oliver and Halvor are the same.
Note 2 - It appears from the original document that the census taker has John McCravey and John McCrora (John "Jack" McCrory) as the same person.
Note 3 - Surnames in records include Pekalder, Pekelder, Pickelder, Peckelder, Pickalder
Note 4 - Although indicated on the census that he served on the USS FLAMBEAU and USS SWEET BRIAR/BRIER no information can be found on him