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Gertrude Barbers Abstract of Wills - 1794-1850 transcribed by Marty Irons -
(Note: If you do not see the will you seek in Miss Barber's extracts it may still be
worthwhile checking at the surrogate court, as she did not abstract all wills")

Baldwin,Aaron Jr.

Baldwin, Almarin Sr.

Baldwin, Delos Ingam

Baldwin, Philo

Bliss, Pelatiah

Bliss, Pelatiah Jr.

Boardman, Ephraim

Brown, Caleb

Burlingham, Gordon Spencer

Burnside, Ephraim

Burnside, Thomas

Burr, Daniel Calkins, Abel Comstock, Ransford Cross, Isaac W.

Doolittle, Caroline Ellis

Doolittle, Samuel

Ellis, Christopher

Farquharson, William

Fearn, John

Gallt, William

Griffin, Angus

Griffin, John D.

Harper, John

Hatch, David

Hillsinger, John

Jones, Abel

Joslyn, Thomas

Judson, Oliver - dated 1844, transcribed by David Devin

Lewis, Nathaniel

Matteson, Asa

Magee, Altie M. Bates - transcribed by Betty Edmonds

Northrup, Joseph

Norton, Chauncey

Pope, Gershom

Potter, Caleb

Sammons, Cornelius

Rose, Moses

Snyder, Erasmus

Veeder, Elizabeth

Veeder, Myndert

Wendell, Nelson O.

Wentworth, David

Whipple,Captain Benejah - dates June 17, 1734-March 13, 1816 transcribed by Linda & B.J. Ozinga

White, Benjamin

Whitaker, Thomas

Whiteford, John

Winne, Francis C.

Winne, William

Woodbeck, Burton

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