Biographical Index to History of Glendale and Vicinity by John Calvin Sherer,
 published by The Glendale History Publishing Company 1922.

Biographies were typed by Laura Stotler, owner of the above text. Second copy is owned by Historic Preservation Commission of the City of Glendale, Attn: Planning Division, 633 E. Broadway, Room 103, Glendale CA 91206. (818) 548-2140. The Los Angels GenWeb Project appreciates the many hours and days of hard work in transcribing this biographies. We appreciate being apart of this wonderful repository of historical information. Special thanks to the Glendale Management Association for their assistance and cooperation in making this project enjoyable.

Anderson, Allie

Ayers, Edward

Ayers, Elias

Ayers, Samuel A.

Banker, Joseph M.

Beldin, Joseph C.

Black, Kate S.

Borthick, Samuel L.

Botsford, E. H.

Boyd W. G.

Boyer, H. R.

Braley, Mary H. G.

Brattain, Pearl, K.

Browne, Ralph W.

Butts, Henry M.

Byram, Ellis T.

Carpi, Antonio

Chandler, Cornelius C.

Chandler, Charles L.

Chase, Raymond E.

Clark, Oliver C.

Cornwell, Albert G.

Cowan, Archibald T.

Crocker, Henry B.

Cushing, Charles H.

Davis, Len C.

Deal, Fred

Divine, Robert

Dolberg, Glenn R.

Eckles, J. E.

Ellias, Edward B.

Emery, Edward U.

Emery, Owen C.

Evans, William E.

Fairburn, Simon

Flint, J. L.

Fuller, Daniel E.

Goode, E. D.

Grant, Sidney E.

Guthrie, Charles B.

Harrower, Henry R.

Henry, F. J. W.

Hewitt, W. E.

Hickman, James B.

Imler, David H.

Jackson, D. Ripley

Jennings, Herman H.

Jones, Mattison B.

Kent, Roy L.

Kimlin, Clarence E.

Lankford, A. H.

Lindley, Arthur G.

Lindsey, George M.

Lukens, Jesse P.

Mabry, William C.

McBryde, James F.

McIntyre, James F.

Miller, Harry M.

Miller, N. Maxwell

Mitchell, Alexander

Mitchell, George

Muhlman, Frank L.

Norton, Charles H.

Oliver, Irving H.

Packer, Stephen C.

Pagliuso, Joseph

Parcher, Wilmot

Parker, Philip W.

Pearce, Albert D.

Peckham, Charles L.

Rhoades, James H.

Richardson, Burt

Richardson, Elkanah W.

Richardson, W. C. B.

Rittenhouse, Charles C.

Robinson, Spencer

Ross, Erskine M.

Rowley, Loron T.

Russell, Jessie A.

Ryan, Mary O.

Sayre, Clara

Scovern, Louis G.

Shaw, Hartley

Sherer, John C.

Smart, A. B.

Smith, DeLos, H.

Smith, George T.

Smith, Harry C.

Steelman, C. Stuart

Stephenson, Dwight W.

Stine, Jesse S.

Stone, Fay G.

Thom, Cameron E.

Thompson, Joseph S.

Toll, Charles H.

Tower, Alphonso W.

Trueman, James F.

Valentine, Edmund J.

Van Wie, Arthur J.

Veysey, Neva,

Von Oven, O. E.

Waite, Ida M.

Walton, Clarence W.

Watson, Thomas D.

Watson, Thomas W.

Webster, Daniel

Westphal, H. G.

White, John R.

White, Richardson

Woodbury, George

Young, Charles W.

Young, T. C.



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